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Progressive Delivery

At times, you might have to write a paper that is longer than a standard paper and/or one that is unusually complex. This generally refers to papers with 20+ (double-spaced) pages or 10+ (single-spaced) pages. To cater for these orders, our company can deliver your papers in parts – a service we call progressive delivery.

Key benefits of our progressive delivery service:

  • Makes tracking of orders easier since we send you drafts or parts, which you can check individually before you have to hand them in.
  • Provides 30 days for submitting revision requests, which are free at (Note: 2 days following delivery is the normal time allowed for requesting revisions).
  • Our company assigns properly-qualified writers to create your papers and experienced editors to check them.
  • We allocate a specifically-selected manager to personally look after your order. This person facilitates smooth and timely communication with your writer and ensures you are satisfied with the completed work.

How progressive delivery works:*

  • Assume the deadline is 4 days or anything up to this time: Within this timeline, the first part (a draft equaling 25% of the overall order size) will be sent to you when the established deadline reaches the 50% completion stage. In real terms, this means you should get a draft of 5 pages after 1 day in the case of an order for 20 pages of text.
  • Assume the deadline is 5-11 days: Within this timeline, the first part and second part (drafts equaling (respectively) 25% and 50% of the overall order size) will be sent to you when the same amounts of the established deadline have been reached i.e. 25% and 50%.
  • Assume the deadline is 12 days or longer than this: Within this timeline, the first part, second part, and third part (drafts equaling (respectively) 25%, 50%, and 75% of the overall order size) will be sent to you when the same amounts of the established deadline have been reached i.e. 25%, 50%, and 75%.

Add a mere +15% to the order’s cost.

* On occasion, a customer may need their papers delivered by various methods other than the ones outlined above. If or when this is the case, the customer should speak to their assigned manager to devise a plan that suits them. We are always happy to find the best solutions for our customers.

What Other Services Do We Offer for Shorter Orders, e.g. under 20 Pages?

Extended Revision

In choosing the special “extended revision” service that we offer, customers of can extend the usual time allowed for free revisions from 48 hours to 14 days past the delivery date!

Drafts (One-Page)

In the event you would like to receive a paper in draft form, will provide this as a 1-page document when the agreed deadline has reached the half-way mark, e.g., the 50% stage. For example, if you give us 4 days to complete an order, you will receive a 600 or 300-word draft (single or double-spaced text respectively) when 2 days of deadline have passed.

Summaries (1-page Documents)

The option of receiving a paper in summary form is another service that provides. This short 1-page document will sum-up the most critical information from a longer text. Students who are obliged to report progress to their supervisors(s) should find these summaries useful.

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