Common Dental Personal Statement Mistakes

The personal statement is a special document that is created with the aim of entering a university or college. Many specialists want to raise their pr... Continue reading »

How to Write a Good Process Essay

If you decide to start writing a process essay, but do not know where to start, these tips will help you. First, you need to determine your target aud... Continue reading »

Biography and Main Accomplishments of Albert Einstein

Usually smart children who have outstanding learning skills are called “little Einsteins.” There is no doubt that Albert Einstein was a re... Continue reading »

Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

The task of a death penalty argumentative essay is to analyze the pros and cons of death penalty. Capital punishment has been a subject for debate for... Continue reading »

Why Classes Should Start Later

A joint study of scientists from Oxford, Harvard and the University of Nevada showed that anxiety and irritability in adolescents could be explained n... Continue reading »

Tips on Completing a Winning Expository Essay

What is an Expository Essay Aimed at? The first thing we should do is to clarify the true meaning of an expository essay. This type of writing resear... Continue reading »

How to Write an Essay about Yourself

Many people often face the task of creating an autobiographical essay. Students need to create such a document for admission to a college or universit... Continue reading »

Key Ideas Regarding a Reflection Paper: Useful Tips and Instructions

There is no doubt that in order to write a reflection paper, it is necessary to learn how to prepare a reflective essay following all guidelines. Such... Continue reading »

Grammar Tricks You should Know: Accept vs. Except

Nice examples of homonyms in the English language are the words “except” and “accept”. To be more specific, these words sound ... Continue reading »

Social Classes

Marxists considered the differences in relation to large groups of people. In Marxism, the ownership of the means of production is the basis of the cl... Continue reading »

How to Write a Correct Claim of Value Essay

A claim of value essay is a kind of rhetorical works. Its essence lies in the definition of moral and aesthetic values regarding an object. For exampl... Continue reading »

Tips on Composing Critical Analysis Essay

Understanding the Nature of a Critical Analysis Essay Definition Have you ever dealt with a critical analysis essay or probably you are going to deliv... Continue reading »

How to Write an Introduction Correctly

The student can reveal the topic, summarizes the main ideas and thoughts with the help of the introduction. In addition, creating this part of researc... Continue reading »

Reflective Reports Writing

Defining the Meaning of a Reflective Report The name of this type of writing speaks for itself, as it represents the main features of a written piece.... Continue reading »

The Role of School in Human Life

School plays a huge role in human life, which not everyone appreciates and  understands fully. School has a very important and responsible task o... Continue reading »

Main Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Aluminum

Molar Mass The masses of atoms and molecules are very small, therefore, as a unit of measurement, it is convenient to choose the mass of one of the at... Continue reading »

Douglas Frederick Essay

Has your professor asked you to write an essay featuring Frederick Douglass and you have no idea what to write about? Luckily, the person you are abou... Continue reading »

How to Write a Comparative Analysis Essay

Regardless of your field of studies, you'll have to write a comparative essay at least once. This sort of academic writing seeks to compare the differ... Continue reading »

Why Games and Sports Are Important

How You Should Start an Essay When you are given such a topic as ‘The Importance of sports and games’, mind that the reasons for their gro... Continue reading »

Expository Essay Writing Guide

Writing an expository essay is the kind of assignment, which confuses many students. If you are one of them, don’t worry. This article is here t... Continue reading »

5 Examples of Conflict in Literature

Persuasive essays are one of the most common types of academic writing. To write persuasively and convince the readers to accept one viewpoint, you ne... Continue reading »

Breast Cancer: Stages and Development

The spreading of abnormal human cells to other parts of the body is the cause of a serious disease – cancer. What is breast cancer? It is marked... Continue reading »

How to Write Chapter 3 of the Dissertation

The third chapter of the dissertation is usually dedicated to methodology. It has to describe the methods, which have been used to conduct the study. ... Continue reading »

Inherited and Environmental Influences on Development

What shapes the human psyche and makes each individual what he or she is? Evidently, during the early stages of life, the inherited influences are rat... Continue reading »

Essay about Sports

Read a free essay sample about the advantages of sports. This sample essay describes sports not only as an activity that is healthy for your body but ... Continue reading »
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