Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

The task of a death penalty argumentative essay is to analyze the pros and cons of death penalty. Capital punishment has been a subject for debate for a long period of time. Usually a death penalty essay that describes the pros of this punishment gives grounded reasons and approves the procedure. On the other hand, essays that do not approve capital punishment describe it as an unjustified and immoral action. Many people argue that this procedure violates all religious dogmas, thus it cannot be legalized. The current death penalty pros and cons essay will describe both arguments regarding the capital punishment in order to make a logical conclusion. The death penalty persuasive essay will describe pros and cons. It means that it will neither approve nor disapprove the procedure of capital punishment in the USA. After reading the essay, the reader will have an opportunity to make his/her own decision regarding the discussed issue.

The main objective of the current essay is to clarify whether capital punishment can by justified or abolished. Death penalty is considered to be the strictest punishment. First of all, it is important to discuss the cons of the capital punishment. Despite the fact that an individual can commit a serious crime, it is doubtful that modern society has a right to take life of a criminal. Below are the arguments against the capital punishment:


  • Death penalty is a violation of the human right to life. It is the most important human right and no one can violate it even if an individual committed the most serious crime. 
  • Many people associate capital punishment with racial, social and ethical biases. It can be seen from the statistics, which says that about 50% of criminals who were subjected to this procedure were black.  
  • One more argument against the death penalty is that it can be subjective. The judges can make mistakes. As a result innocent people can be subjected to the capital punishment and their life can be taken for nothing.   

Judicial system is not perfect and, sometimes, a terrible mistake can ruin innocent lives. That is the main reason why capital punishment should be abolished in all states. 


  • Some individuals perceive death penalty as retribution for one’s wrongful actions. This argument for capital punishment is considered the strongest one. When an individual commits a serious crime, the judicial system should take all possible measures to exclude this criminal from the society.
  • When a criminal is subjected to capital punishment, everybody sees that crimes cannot go unnoticed. As a result, people will be afraid of the crime results and will refuse from committing the crimes. 
  • Criminals can be an example for weak individuals who can make a decision to follow their example. That is why it is vital to show that crime can have serious consequences and a criminal will be responsible for it.

Capital punishment and its legalization has been an argumentative issue for many years. As a matter of fact, there will always be death penalty proponents and opponents.


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