The order placement page does not reload, so I cannot successfully submit my essay order. What should I do?

Look through the order registration form: if all required fields are filled out. If you have provided all information, now it is advised to pay attention to the files you have attached, specifically if they do not exceed the minimum. This problem normally occurs if the size is exceeding, so forward your attached materials to the live chat support via email.

I have made a mistake in the order placement form. Can I change the order type/paper length/deadline/style, etc.?

We have a rule that, after you have submitted the order placement form, you are not allowed to make any changes on your own. However, there is a possibility of updating the information and making the changes with the help of our customer support agents. They will help you do that, but you will only have to pay a compensation for the changes that impacted the price.

I want to make my essay longer. Can I ask my writer about it?

If you have some updates from your professor concerning the word count limit, you are welcome to send them to us. As such, our customer support agents will forward the details to your assigned writer and will guide you through the process of paying extra for more pages.

How can I monitor whether a writer has been assigned to work on my paper?

As soon as we assign a writer to your order, its status will change to “Processing.” You will be able to see it in your personal account in the “My Orders” section. More so, you will see the writer`s ID in the corresponding field.

Can I ask my writer to send me a draft before the final version of the paper?

The draft option is available at an additional price. As a rule, a draft is a one-page piece of writing that is delivered to you after half the deadline has expired.

Are there ways of asking my assigned writer for a revision?

Definitely. Our company provides an excellent chance for clients to send a revision request for free within two days after order delivery. This option is viable for short papers, whereas another 30-day free revision period is granted to those whose papers are 20 pages in length and more. You can request a revision via your personal account: you just go to the orders section, find the necessary order ID, and click “Send revision” button. In case you need some assistance, you are welcome to turn to our customer support agents for help.

How can I update my phone number, email address or change my password on the website?

Go to the “Profile” tab and you are welcome to edit all details from there. An important thing is not to forget to save all the updated information.

How much time do I have to wait before a writer starts working on my paper?

We try to find the most suitable writer as fast as possible. However, the process depends on writers' availability as well as on their competence and experience in your suggested paper topic.

My paper needs to be revised, but the free revision period has already expired. Is it still possible to send a revision request?

Clients can send a revision request after the free revision period, but this time this service is paid. Just place a new order and pick “Revision” as the order type.

How can I reach the writer?

We have enabled direct communication between clients and writers via direct messaging system on the company website. Therefore, you are able to do this via your account. If you cannot log in to your account for some reasons or if your writer is not responding and you need an urgent reply, contact our customer support representatives and they will help you contact your writer.

Where can I find the completed paper?

When papers are completed by your custom writers, they are uploaded to the online system. They also appear then in your personal profile, where you can download them from at any time. What is even more convenient for our clients is the notification system: our customers receive notifications via email when their papers are ready.

Can I order an online test from your service?

Our company offers professional assistance not only with academic papers but also with online tests and exams. So, you are welcome to order such tasks from us — you only have to choose the correct order type — indicate "Online test" in the field. You need to send all materials needed for your writer to cope with the test. Do not forget to send details about the exact time of the exam, its duration as well as the time zone. Remember to provide credentials to the test page for your assigned specialist.

Can I place a coding assignment with your service?

We hate to say that, but we do not provide coding or programming services. So, we are not able to help program developers and IT specialists with their assignments.

How do I get notifications?

Our clients get automatic emails connected to any actions in their personal accounts. If you want, you may also ask for notifications via SMS as well as phone calls.

How can I check whether my order has been assigned to a writer or not?

You can see all these details in your account. Find the needed order ID and check on its status. If it says, “Payment verification” it means that we are still waiting for the payment from you or confirmation. If the order status is “Processing”, it means that the paper has been assigned to a writer and he/she is in the process of working on it. If the status is “Completed”, the order is ready, so you are welcome to download it from your personal profile.

When will I get my order?

According to our company's policy, all clients receive their orders according to the time indicated in the deadline field.

I cannot successfully submit the order placement form. Why?

If the web page does not reload, it is most probably because you have exceeded the allowed size of the attached files. So, try sending those materials via email to our customer support agents.

Where will my writer send the paper?

Upon completion, your assigned writer will upload the paper to the system. Correspondingly, you will be able to download it from your personal account from the “Completed” orders section. Each order has the “Files”button. Papers appear there when your writer uploads them.

I have some troubles with the payment process. What may these be caused by?

Our company's administration and customer support representatives do not directly deal with the payment procedures or financial operations. If you have some troubles, we can recommend you to try paying via some other banking card or try another browser.

Do you upload papers earlier if the writer manages them faster?

We have strict company's policy, according to which papers are delivered according to the set due date. While filling in the order placement form, you provide details of your deadline, so expect your paper according to the stated time. More so, if you need a paper earlier, you will have to pay a compensation.

Can I get a paper via email when it is completed?

We send only email notifications with the link, where you can download your paper from. Actually, you will be forwarded to the website and you will have to log in to your personal profile.

Do I need to provide a payment if I want a preferred writer work on my assignment?

If you purchase supreme services from our company, you are already guaranteed assistance of one of the top 30 writers on our team. However, if you want a specific writer to complete your assignment, then definitely we have this policy where a client should pay additional 15% to the total price. With supreme services, you also get a plagiarism report delivered for free.

I do not want to leave my phone number in the order details.

We cannot forcefully make clients leave their phone numbers, but be aware that in such case we will not be able to contact you in some urgent or unexpected situations. Leaving your phone number increases effective communication between you and our side.

Is all information stored in privacy?

Personal information is never shared with any third parties. We guarantee privacy and confidentiality of all personal or contact details that you share with us. This confidentiality is imposed to both writers` and customers` side. They do not know names, genders, phone numbers, and other information about each others.

When I am granted this free revision period, can I send only one revision request?

No, you can send as many revisions as you can within this free period.

How can I check whether my paper is original?

One of our company's policies is to deliver content free from plagiarism. Each order is scanned via anti-plagiarism software, so it is uploaded being original.

Who will complete my order?

Writers with the best experience and qualifications work on custom orders. When assigning a writer to work on your paper, keep in mind that we will choose the one who best matches your experience, major, and complexity level of the assignment.

How can I know that the paper was edited and proofread?

For customers wanting some extra services for their orders (others than custom writing), we provide a VIP option “Get an order proofread by an editor”. So, if you buy VIP services, you can tick the editing option and you will get a perfectly brushed up paper.

How can I be sure if the writer is working on my paper or not?

It is possible to check it manually in your personal account. You just have to go to your personal profile, find the needed order ID, and check the details of your order and pay attention to whether there is a writer's ID. When your paper is being written, the status says “Processing” and you can see the writer`s ID in one of the fields. You can be also quickly informed about the status of your paper by using our VIP services, the “SMS notifications” option namely. You will receive text messages every time the paper status changes.

I have mistakenly indicated a wrong deadline for my order while placing it on the website. Can I modify the due date?

We can help you with that upon your request. Clients cannot make these changes on their own after they have submitted the order form. If you shorten the deadline, keep in mind that you will have to pay for the compensation since more urgent papers cost more.

I would like to order paper and ask it to be written by the same writer who did my previous works. Is it possible?

Seems like you are talking about the preferred writer option. In this case, you need to find the ID of the writer and insert it into the registration form of your new order. You will be charged extra 15% to your price.

What are the responsibilities of your company?

After our clients place their orders, we are responsible for providing customer support 24/7. More so, we are responsible for finding the writer who best matches our customers` needs and paper requirements. All writers on our team are experts, but we make sure that the complexity levels are corresponding and that the assigned writer is a specialist in a specific discipline. Last but not the least, we are responsible for uploading plagiarism-free content and also ensuring timely delivery of orders.

Can you provide custom writing help with really complicated assignments?

Yes, as we have writers on our team who have academic degrees ranging from Bachelor`s to PhD. Therefore, even the most complicated assignments, such as dissertations and thesis papers are totally manageable by us.

I cannot proceed with my payment. What may be the problem?

There may be some authorization or payment error, so try using the other web browser or using another card. If it does not help, try contacting your baking company.

I click “Proceed” button, but nothing happens. I cannot successfully place my order online.

From our experience, the main reason is the big size of attached files. Try deleting the biggest of them and rather send them to the customer support agents via email. In their turn, customer support representatives will forward the materials to your assigned writer.

I proceeded with the payment, but the system is still asking me to pay.

A payment receipt is a proof that the payment has been proceeded successfully, so check your inbox whether you have got that receipt and forward it to us. If there is no receipt in your inbox, check your banking account; go to your profile and make sure that the money has been withdrawn for the custom writing service. If you see that no money has been withdrawn, then the payment process was not successful.

I want to be certain in advance that my assignment can be done by your writer.

You can send your paper instructions to our customer support representatives and we will clarify with the Writing Department whether there are writers specializing in the given research field.

Am I required to provide my real phone number or email address.

We cannot make our clients provide their contact details forcefully, but we strongly recommend them to do so as these are the guarantee that our customers will be contacted in some urgent cases.

I got notified that my order will be refunded. How much time do I have to wait till I get the money back?

According to our company's policy, the refund process takes from three to five business days. The money will be transferred back to your banking card.

How can I message my writer?

You can use the direct communication system on the company's website. To send messages, you need to be logged in to your account. There is a message button next to each order. If your assigned writer does not reply for a long time, you may contact our live chat support and ask them to forward your message to the writer.

Where can I find my completed paper?

The easiest way to get your paper is to log in to your account, go to the orders section, find the necessary order ID, and then check the “Files” tab. If the paper has been finished, you will be able to see it there in the list of files. If the deadline has expired but you cannot find the paper, please contact the customer support team for assistance.

When should I expect my paper?

You should expect your paper to be delivered at around the indicated deadline. If you have forgotten what deadline you have specified, check the order ID for details.

Can my assigned writer purchase the book needed for the completion of my order?

No, when a client wants to place an order, he/she is obliged to provide all the materials needed for successful order completion. So, if the needed files cannot be downloaded for free from the Internet, you need to provide their copies and buy them on your own if needed.

So far I have not been successful in submitting the order registration form. What might be the problem and how to deal with it?

Try to refresh the web page and try to fill in the order placement form from the beginning. One of the problems that lead to this problem is large attached files. Instead of uploading all materials in the order registration form, try to forward them to our customer support center via email.

My teacher has asked me to provide an extra page to my essay. Can I ask my assigned writer to do that as well?

Your assigned writer will provide an additional page(s) when you provide an additional order to the one that should be extended. Go to your personal profile, find the order ID, and click the “Additional Order” button. You will have to pay extra for that additional page according to the company`s pricing policy. Your writer will receive a notification that additional pages are needed.

Is it possible for me to shorten the deadline if I made a mistake in the order placement process?

You cannot make any changes in the order registration form on your own, but you can turn to our customer support agents for help. Just provide the customer support agents with the updates and they will help you adjust the order requirements.

What order type should I pick if nothing fits my paper descriptions?

If it is hard for you to find out what order type your paper instructions fit in, you need to contact our customer support agents for help. Just send them your instructions and they will help you identify the order type.

Can you ensure that papers that you provide will be plagiarism-free?

Definitely, we can. Our company can boast its ability to provide authentic papers that are written from scratch according to individual requirements. More so, the papers are thoroughly scanned via anti-plagiarism software - PlagiarismSearch. So, you can be sure that your paper is not copied from anywhere. Note that we do not refer to Turnitin since it automatically saves the scanned files meaning they cannot be checked twice.

Does your company have confidentiality policy?

Yes, confidentiality is one of our company's core values. All personal and contact details are kept in privacy and never disclosed to the third parties. You can be rest assured that nobody will ever get to know that you have been cooperating with us.

Will my paper be ready on time?

Yes. Regardless of the paper urgency and complexity of orders, we guarantee timely delivery of services.

Can clients negotiate the prices for the custom writing service?

Our company has a fixed pricing policy that is actually formed by specific factors, such as order type, academic level, deadline, and paper length among others. However, if you want to get a paper at cheaper, you may monitor the available special offers and discounts and maybe you will be lucky enough to come across some of them.

If I have some worries or questions concerning my order, can I have a talk with my assigned writer?

According to our company's policies, clients can communicate with their assigned writers only via the direct messaging system on the company`s website. If there are some urgent cases and the writer is not responding on time, then you need to contact the live chat support, forward your message to them, and they will get a reply from your writer.

The order placement for has turned grey/has frozen, etc. What should I do next?

As a rule, such delays or glitches in the order placement process are connected to the exceeding size of the attached files. So, instead of uploading them in the form, send them to the customer support team, and they will forward the materials to your writer afterwards.

I want to place an online test order with your company. It will last for an hour, but there is no one-hour deadline option available on the website. How can I get help from you?

Contact our customer support representatives and send the online test requirements and instructions. They will find the available writer who could work on the online test at the stated time. Remember that you have to provide us with all the materials needed to complete the test or exam successfully.

When I get a refund of my order, can I get it in form of bonus credits? What are the ways of using them afterwards?

Contact the customer support agents and inform them of your decision. When the order is refunded, you will get a notification that bonus credits have been sent to your account. You can use them for full or partial payment for your future orders with us.

When will I receive my paper and how will I be able to download it?

When you are registering your order on our website, you need to specify the deadline. Accordingly, our company`s writers stick to the deadline and deliver the paper at around that time. Upon paper completion, writers upload the papers into the system, and then the clients can find them in their personal account. To download the paper, it is essential to log in to the personal cabinet, go to the "Files" section and click the "Download" button.

What paper type should I select?

If you cannot understand what order type you should choose in the order registration form or if you have some other questions, feel free to rely on assistance from our customer support agents. They will read all requirements carefully, investigate the instructions, and will thus help you choose a proper order type.

How can I be certain that I get a premium-quality paper and that I receive an excellent grade?

Even though we never promise certain grades for you, we can definitely assure you that your custom-written paper will be of top quality. We cannot guarantee any grades as the grading process is really subjective. However, thanks to the fact that we have Master's and PhD professionals on our team, we can be sure in the excellent quality of writing. Due to our writers` expertise, you will definitely be satisfied with the paper.

Can I get my order earlier than in the indicated deadline?

According to our policies, clients get papers according to the set deadline. If you want the paper earlier, you have to pay compensation. If you wonder how to apply for this earlier delivery, contact our customer support representatives for help.

Who will be handling my paper?

All tasks regardless of the topics and complexity levels are handled by professional writers who are well-versed in the given research field. More so, many writers on our team are former professors and teachers, so they have rich experience in academic writing.

Can I first make sure that your company`s writers can tackle my assignment successfully before I place an order?

You can send your requirements to our live chat support. In turn, they will clarify with the writers' team whether there are specialists available and capable of successfully coping with the paper.

Can I get details of your pricing policy?

The overall cost of your paper is dependent on a variety of factors, namely paper type, complexity level, number of words needed, deadline, etc. You can check the price via online calculator or you can contact our customer support agents and they will find out the price for you.

How will I get my finished assignment?

All assignments are uploaded to the system and can be found in personal cabinets. Another option to get your paper if you cannot log into your personal account is to ask the customer support agents to send you the paper to you via email.

I have written a part of my paper on my own. Can you finish it for me?

Yes, sure, our writers can help you with any assignment even if you have written it partially. Just provide us with your part of work and with the overall paper requirements. We will assist you to the best we can.

What is the working schedule of your company?

The company operates 24/7, so we are available at any time of the day or night.

Do you work on urgent assignments?

Our company takes pride in its rich experience of working on academic papers that have tight deadlines. We definitely recommend you to get in contact with the customer support representatives and clarify with them whether there are writers available to complete your order according to the set deadline.

I want to choose a writer who has already completed papers for me. Is it possible to do that?

Go to the section of your completed orders and find the order(s) that the desired writer completed for you. Copy his/her writer`s ID and insert it into the new order placement field.

Do you grant revision option if a client is dissatisfied with the paper?

Yes, we have a revision option. There is an opportunity to send a revision request for free during two days after the deadline expiration. Remember that a free revision does not entail new instructions that were not present initially. Otherwise, you will need to pay extra.

Can you guarantee excellent grades?

We cannot guarantee grades as these are subjective, and it really depends on your teacher: what mood he/she is in, how strict he/ she is, etc. However, we provide all guarantees that make up a top-notch paper: plagiarism-free and original content, proper citations, and others.

Is there a chance for me to check my paper for plagiarism with your service?

When you purchase VIP services, i.e. “The Plagiarism check” option, you will be granted a chance to get your papers scanned via respectable anti-plagiarism software, ThePlagiarism.com. You will be provided with this option for one year for free.

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