How to Write a Correct Claim of Value Essay

How to Write a Correct Claim of Value Essay

A claim of value essay is a kind of rhetorical works. Its essence lies in the definition of moral and aesthetic values regarding an object. For example, you can explore the literary text and prove or deny whether it is valuable for society.

How to Start

This type of paper is very similar to a persuasive essay. Your main task is to convince readers of the correctness of your position. The most important method of working when writing such text is argumentation.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the object of study, read it and emphasize the main features; they will be your main directions in research work. Then you need to reread the text paying attention to the smallest details. Print an article or a literary work, on which you are working, take a marker and highlight the most interesting and important statements.

Create an Outline

Once you understand the topic and idea of the text, you need to define the things you will write about. Reread your notes and highlighted fragments of the text. Choose a few values that the work reveals they will become the basis of your paper. Supplement each statement with other theses that disclose its essence. Write this list of ideas in the form of an outline.

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Paper Structure

A claim of the value essay must have a clear and correct structure. This means that the text should consist of three main parts. Do not try to write an introduction at the beginning of the work, start creating the body of the text first. Here you have to discuss all the valuable problem issues and show your arguments. Next, you must draw conclusions based on your reasoning. After you write these two parts of the essay, you will be able to formulate the main statements needed to write the introduction.


This type of paper requires the use of facts that can prove your rightness. You cannot claim anything without proof. Quotations from fiction or scientific sources may be good arguments. If you use citations, it is important to write them correctly and what is more, do not forget to indicate to which author this or that statement belongs. Otherwise, the text without the correct quotations can be considered as plagiarism.


The final stage of your work is rereading. It is not enough to check the paper just once. It is necessary to read each word very attentively and look for the slightest inaccuracies. Check your paper twice or even thrice. It is better not to do this immediately after you have written the essay. If you have extra time, reread your text tomorrow. You will be able to see more inaccuracies the next day. Ask someone to read your paper and express his or her opinion about its content, style, formatting, and literacy. Writing a claim of value essay is quite complex but at the same time, an interesting and useful task. Working on such paper, you can improve your writing and analytical skills.

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