Common Dental Personal Statement Mistakes

Common Dental Personal Statement Mistakes

The personal statement is a special document that is created with the aim of entering a university or college. Many specialists want to raise their professional level and continue their education in prestigious educational establishments. This is especially relevant for health care workers, in particular for dentists. They need to improve their skills and knowledge constantly. Here is the common personal statement mistakes list that you should avoid.

Incorrect Time Management

Personal statement writing is a very responsible and important task. You should not postpone it. Make sure you have enough time to work on the text. Make an outline of your personal statement, think through every detail and find the appropriate writing style.

Description of Unimportant Details

The dentist personal statement should contain information about your professional and scientific achievements. Of course, some people may mention their school merits, if they are very significant. However, you should not go into the details of your personal life, describe your childhood, your parents and their upbringing methods. These facts have no connection with your professional activities.

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Emphasis on Lifestyle and Hobbies

Your personal qualities are undoubtedly important when writing this paper. However, they should not be the main topic of your personal statement. Tell the readers about your most remarkable character traits, life values and lifestyle very briefly. You do not need to spend a few pages on it. Present such kind of information in 1-2 paragraphs.

Neglecting Important Personal Qualities

Many dentists often forget to write about the most important personal qualities that are directly related to the quality of their professional duties performance. For example, they do not mention such traits as agility, reaction speed, resistance to stress and decisiveness. Be sure to write about them.

Incorrect Purpose of the Personal Statement

Some people forget that the main purpose of creating a personal statement is to present the best qualities of a specialist in order to receive further education. Many applicants write essays of a philosophical nature or discuss socio-political topics in their papers. Do not forget that your main goal is to convince the admission committee that you are a worthy candidate.

Poor-Quality Text Editing

Very often, applicants spend a little time for checking and editing the text of a personal statement. People neglect this stage of work on the paper, as they consider that their main task is completed. In fact, they are deeply mistaken. Your language literacy plays a very important role here. Do not be lazy to read your work several times and correct all errors and inaccuracies. If you have the opportunity, ask someone to check your paper and comment on the content and structure of the text.

Improper Style of Speech

Remember, although the personal statement is not an official document, you should avoid using slang and colloquial speech. Be careful with humor. Some themes and jokes may be inappropriate. If you do not consider yourself witty enough, you should abandon the idea of using elements of humor in the text. Avoid clichés and banal expressions. Make your writing style unique. Be honest. Do not exaggerate your merits, but do not be too modest too. Write about all your achievements. The main thing is just to be yourself. Feel free to mention even a minor (in your opinion) work experience. In fact, it may be your advantage among other candidates. Show your respect for the members of the admission committee. Convince them that it is very important for you to participate in the program and study at their college. Be confident in your professionalism and do not be afraid of difficulties.

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