Essay about Sports

Essay about Sports

Read a free essay sample about the advantages of sports. This sample essay describes sports not only as an activity that is healthy for your body but also as something that helps make your will stronger and increases your teamwork skills.

Everyone knows that sport is good for health. It is beneficial to both young people and working adults. Sport has a number of advantages for a number of life spheres. It helps learn important life lessons, take advantage of them, and improve lives.

One of the main benefits of sports is learning to work together with people in order to accomplish an objective or a task. Those who have played any kind of team sports know better how to collaborate with other people and how to help others do their best to become winners. Sport encourages people to stop paying attention to their personal incompatibility, as well as grudges and differences, and focus on attaining a mutual goal. It allows understanding the importance of “we” in a team. It also helps to learn to work in one team even with complete strangers.

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When playing sports, one has to deal with adversity and work on establishing their character. Even though we deal with adversity in our daily life, when building our families and careers, playing sports is what helps better understand this notion. Sport allows us to accept failures and learn from them. At times, athletes even look forward to a failure in a game that will let them understand what areas they need to improve. In a daily life, adversities are not rare, as well. When one gets fired from their job, loses an important business deal, fails at getting a promotion, or deals with a furious colleague, it can become frustrating. However, if one has played sports, they can accept all these failures with class, grace, and optimism.

What is more, sport is a great way to inculcate a habit of exercising that will help a person better deal with stress and react to it in a healthier way. Sport also helps become confident and feel more at ease with oneself. When one is happy and relaxed, they are more likely to be hired, to become successful, and to have many friends.

Needless to say, playing sports has more benefits than risks, even though these risks are also present. For example, different kinds of injuries can appear due to any kind of strenuous activity. At the same time, some kinds of sports are riskier than others, while some people are not healthy enough to play them. When one is playing sports in a wrong way, risks are huge. In some kinds of sports, there is a high risk of getting a brain or spinal injury or other serious traumas. For this reason, many people refuse from playing sports.

However, the benefits of sports are so important that any person has to be encouraged to find the kind of sports that suits them and play it carefully, considering all the safety rules. In this case, they will only get benefits from it.

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