Reflective Reports Writing

Reflective Reports Writing

Defining the Meaning of a Reflective Report

The name of this type of writing speaks for itself, as it represents the main features of a written piece. While most academic papers are focused on the background information on the topic in the field of science and views on it expressed by leading scholars, a reflective report sums up an author’s critical perception of a certain subject. This kind of academic paper considers an individual reflection on a subject as a central point. A reflective report aims at evaluating a research project, involving its practical section. Students can especially benefit from writing reflective reports working in a group.

What Are the Specific Features of a Reflective Report?

If to compare a reflective report with other assignments, it gives the possibilities to show one’s personal experience, individual outlook, and contribute to the problem. Though objectivity is usually among the main requirements to any paper, in this piece of writing a student is expected to be frank and demonstrate true emotions, actions and beliefs. A well-grounded reflective report should show all your skills and abilities. What is more, instead of communicating everything that comes to the mind, a writer should be critical to him/herself. The key point is to write a coherent and informative report that will bring satisfactory results.

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Tips on how to Develop a Winning Reflective Report

  • Analytic approach is necessary. Despite the fact that a reflective report requires a very personal attitude towards the subject of writing, it is still crucial to be critical and analyze with prudence.
  • Be accurate and careful. One more essential thing to take into account is the entire range of content, about which you should write. It includes all the stages from the beginning of your research, even the period when you are planning the further work is vital. Additionally, there is a point in presenting a post-project detailed and comprehensive analysis.
  • Tell about the difficulties you have encountered. It is fine to reveal the true aspects of your scientific work without embellishment. Do not be afraid to show your mistakes, as they are just natural and realistic downsides of your work. Take the advantage of them and show all your abilities to analyze critically and to investigate the subject in its all dimensions as a mature professional in the sphere. Be confident writing not only about the sections you have accomplished with the flying colors but explain the problematic sides as well.
  • State the success of your research. To get the highest rating from the professor, a student should evaluate the contribution of the research and tell about the next steps for developing a subject. Give a couple of sensible suggestions for those who are going to follow your steps in the field.

Errors to Omit in Reflective Reports

There are two extremes in writing a reflective report. Some people decide to stay extremely objective and devote too much time to presenting the works of the prominent scholars in the field. Others consider their own emotions and view to be the only crucial things to show. Both sides are wrong.

Find the golden mean to sound natural and sensible. Moreover, when talking about mistakes, do not try to put the blame on others. Again, be objective in all the things you are saying and emphasize the strong sides of the research and your professional contribution to it.

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