Why Games and Sports Are Important

Why Games and Sports Are Important

How You Should Start an Essay

When you are given such a topic as ‘The Importance of sports and games’, mind that the reasons for their growing popularity are clearly enumerated. While writing an essay introduction, it should be mentioned that some games and sports have become a kind of religion to people who simply call themselves fanatical followers. The thesis should be the last part of your introduction to the essay.

Thesis for Your Essay

It needs to be a statement, which will briefly tell the main point of your paper. The key reasons why games and sports are in the focus in the present-day world should be presented in a single sentence.

Writing an essay on games and sports, you should begin by identifying different types of games and sports. Keep in mind to mention both indoor games, such as chess, volleyball, bowling, boxing, table tennis and wrestling that have achieved great popularity and fan base and outdoor sports, such as hockey, football, baseball, rugby and basketball that are very popular and famous all over the world.

Writing Body Paragraphs for Your Essay on a Given Topic

Your essay can be divided into four distinct parts-paragraphs. The reasons why social games are of a great importance can be the main point of the first paragraph. Note also the role that games and sports play for physical health. Thanks to the faster blood circulation, which is stimulated by the quick movements of limbs, the body becomes healthier and stronger. Youth are the ones who especially need to have the physical strength, as they are still growing and energy is essential for their body. Games are the greatest tool for students at school to maintain mental health, and get rid of boredom and tiredness. This might be your second paragraph of the essay.

Your third paragraph can emphasize emotional and psychological factors. As every game or sport has its own rules, they teach obedience and discipline. There will be always a loser and a winner in games and sports, while the one is winning with a sense of pride, the other one is losing and has to accept the defeat with the motivation to train harder and better in order to achieve a victory next time. In such a way, the positive characters and good values, particularly among youth, are formed.

Your last body paragraph can conclude the intellectual and financial benefits, which games and sports give. Games and sports suggest lots of opportunities to millions of people in the present-day world. Marketing companies also benefit from sports advertisements, indirect career opportunities also appear because of the requirement of managers, agents, and coaches that players need to have. What concerns an intellectual aspect of games and sports, lots of games and sports require the development of good cognitive skills.

How Your Essay Can Be Concluded

The perfect conclusion means that the conclusion summarizes the content of your paper’s body to the fullest. Mind to note social, physical, and psychological benefits of games and sports, as some of the principal points must be presented in your conclusion.


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