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Marketing Research

It is important to carry out market research to obtain information on a market segment. It can provide valuable data on purchasing patterns of customers within a given income range. This paper is going to review a research article on Chinese families by evaluating the results to find out if proper market research techniques have been applied to arrive at conclusions outlined and to determine the effectiveness of market research used in the work.

“Much More Chinese Families Plan to Have a Second Child” is the title of the article. The research focuses on China as a country where its government regulates the family planning policy. Since it revised the latter in 2012, the number of one-child families expecting another child has drastically risen (Ma, 2016). The research further shows that young couples in the middle class amounting to 5.7% are more likely to conceive the second child unlike those with lower incomes showing less interest of 1.3% (Ma, 2016).

The second factor making families unwilling to have the second child is their size. Those with five and above members are more likely to have a baby than a three-member family. Notably, as the family size expands, parents report increased willingness to buy property, replace and buy new cars. 51% of one-child families plan to purchase a car with interests rising to 60% in quasi-two children families. When it comes to the model of cars, SUV purchases record the highest percentage in both types of families as compared to other models, such as hatchback and sedan (Ma, 2016). Moreover, the number of quasi-two families that plan to replace their current car is high. Therefore, research shows that middle-class persons are most likely to acquire future property and create probably quasi-two families.

Marketing research is used in this article to bring an understanding of how the level of income affects consumption depending on such category as the size of the family. Furthermore, it shows how government regulations can cause demographic changes, and how the family size can further influence spending decisions. Thus, this information about the nature of the market is helpful to both consumers and manufacturers of vehicles and baby products. It is likely to influence spending decisions of families and producers.

This article has effectively used marketing research. Its results indicate that SUV carmakers will have increased sales volumes in the future since many families are interested in buying this car model. Proper procedures, such as identifying research opportunities, collecting data and interpreting them through bar graphs, have been employed to arrive at the conclusion about plans of quasi-two families and others living in China urban areas. Therefore, it is possible to say that market research has been used to obtain results that can influence decisions of producers like car manufacturers in the future. However, the article is not innovative in any way because it has employed apparent market research techniques just as like any other research. Further thoughts about the work are that its research findings are elaborative, yet easy to understand and very precise, and these are some of the features that make quality research.

In conclusion, it is evident from the analysis of the article that effective market research is one that follows correct procedures to arrive at a conclusion. Its findings are helpful for the researcher, customers and producers and can influence spending decisions of families in regards to their levels of income or tastes and preferences. Thus, market research is essential for any organization like SUV makers because it provides them with the information about opportunities present for them in the market like China.


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