Narrative and Critical Analysis

Narrative writing is a form of writing where the author tells a story that can either be real or fictional. In view of Trimble’s advice of writing a critical analysis, Trimble points out that any form of writing should be creative. This is because writing involves discovering new ideas. He also argues that writers should strive to ensure that their writing is interesting to the reader (Trimble 96). This advice is very helpful because in narrative writing, the author utilizes interesting descriptions in their pursuit to make their readers enjoy their piece of writing.

Trimble also asserts that it is imperative to have a catchy opening that is related to the rest of your work. He also argues that, by developing a plot, the writer will be able to make certain that the themes captured are consistent in their work (Trimble 97). This advice is pertinent in narrative writing. This is because when writing a narrative, it is vital to have the plot of the narrative into perspective in order to ensure that the story takes the intended direction, and it communicates the intended themes.

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Trimble’s advice on the use of interpretations rather than detailed descriptions in a critical analysis cannot work for a narrative because, narratives are stories that are centered on detailed happenings. Further, as described by Trimble critical analyses are meant to scrutinize another author’s work as opposed to retelling events which is prevalent in narratives. Trimble also advices that critical analyses use present tense thus cannot be applied in narratives that primarily use past tense (Trimble 96-97).

When writing a critical analysis, Trimble is adamant that the writer must formulate a strong position which is not applicable in narrative writing. In addition, Trimble suggests that the writer must presume that the readers are aware of the article under criticisms (Trimble 95-97). This however is not applicable in narrative writing since narratives seek to inform the readers of a tale that they are not aware of.


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