Statutes and Rules

Sexual misconduct. All persons working under the chapter are prohibited from any sexual misconduct as defined by rule.

Sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist; penalties. Sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist is punishable as provided by the chapter, this includes therapeutic deception to clients.

Violations; penalty; injuction. It is a violation and unlawful for an individual to hold a title or practice in the areas of profession outlined in the chapter and is not licensed, if found, one will face judicial action.

Exemptions. Provisions of the chapter do not in any way with other professionals from doing their duties; these can be physicians, nurses, and social service providers like priests, rabbis, ministers and many others

Practice of hypnosis. Any person qualified and licensed shall not be limited by the chapter in his practice of hypnosis.

Practice of sex therapy. The board shall set qualifications for one to practice as a sex therapist as defined by rule.

The practice of juvenile sexual offender therapy. Only a qualified person in this area can administer this service as stipulated in the chapter.

Confidentiality and privileged communications.  Anyone serving a client is required to keep the information between him and the client confidential unless called upon by law to reveal it to aid in investigations, or if the client or his family agree to the same.

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Records. Psychotherapists are required to keep records of services given to their clients as provided by the chapter.

Display of license; use of professional title on promotional materials. All practitioners under the chapter are required to display their licenses or registrations where ever they are working. They should include their job description either in full or initials on all promotional materials that also names the licensee.

Definition of “Experience” for Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Clinical experience means at least two years consisting 1500hours of providing psychotherapy under license, accrued in not less than 100 weeks. Post-masters experience from another state to be allowed provided it meets requirements of Florida statutes.

Definition of “Supervision” for clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling

This is the face to face contact between an intern and a supervisor as he caries out his duties of diagnosis and treatment of patients. Duration is as stipulated by the Florida statutes.

Definition of “Qualified Supervisor”.

This a person qualified as per the specifications provided by the rules in the Florida statutes to work in the respective area of specification.

Conflict of Interest in Supervision. No supervision shall be accepted for related persons and a supervisor shall not be considered an employee of the applicant in any circumstance.

Place of Practice. This is the place where one is based as he practices his or her profession, or where he gets professional correspondence.

Definition of “Mental Health Professional”.

This is a mental health practitioner certified by the relevant institution pursuant to the rules in the Florida statutes or the federal statutes of US.

Definition of a “Licensed Mental health Counselor or Equivalent, Who is a Qualified Supervisor.”

This is a person who holds an active license in the same, is licensed or certified in another state as per qualification of Florida statutes after completion of training.

Definition of “research.”

This is the preparation of a student to read, interpret and apply research in a specified area or field.

Treatment by a Mental Health Counselor. This is the evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional and mental disorders by use of psychological methods as provided by Florida statutes.

Course Content. These includes; counseling theories and practice, human growth and development, psychopathology treatment and diagnosis, human sexuality, evaluation and assessment; including career and lifestyle, research and program; cultural and social foundations, community counseling, substance abuse and professional, ethical and legal standards issues.


These statutes and rules might look tight to some individuals but they are aimed for a good course. The public together with the practitioners has been protected from unqualified professionals who would have otherwise exploited the public for their own gain.


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