The Emergency of the African Supremacy

The world will later or sooner forget about what one has said today but may not with reasons of tangible and physical remembrance forget what did o the world while a live. Looking at the human race psychologically, you realize there are things that he posse (habits) that makes his characters. Among these, we find one character strongly attached to human behavior and whenever he does something it’s attributed to this character in him. And this is pride.

In most cases, pride contributes to 80% of the man’s achievements. It’s our pride that drives our attitudes towards accomplishing a certain goal in life (Manthia 78). In the world’s famous heritage about the backwardness of the African fraternity has been said in detail and eloquence, that an African man is a lesser human and therefore not trusted to achieve anything. However, history has denied these allegations and with time it has elevated an African race to higher ends (Manthia 82).

Right from pre colonial and colonial period when an African pride was swallowed by his colonies, his interests blustered and the shadow of disappointment settled upon him. The world seemed to have run at a slower pace delaying the emergency of the African supremacy (Manthia 85-86). When there was no hope for their hopes, art became the only way of expression. It was through this art that Africans begun expressing their disappointment to the external world.

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Songs and later movies became the source of their communication and message delivery. Although this was faced with a lot of criticism and resistance, it later gave birth to freedom and fair treatment to all. Under such environment we saw the emergency of African shows allover (Manthia 97-99). Although colonized and exposed to foreign traditions, myths and culture. Africans have always wished to represent an African body and culture in an African perspective. Since the coming of civilization from Mesopotamia and Greece, the African culture although shaken but still exist (Manthia 100).

Their way of dressing has not changed much. As much as they have mixed with a multiple with cultures, they still wear with their originality. The food they eat still bears their identity. The social life of marrying many wives and being the sole bread winner still exists. In the political arena things seems to be Africanized. As they do this, they are faced with one critical mess that pushes them in corner of hopelessness, and that is poverty (Manthia 110-112).

A poor economic structure at home has been one limiting factor in implementation of African style. In relation to what happens in (Black Cinema), financial predicament adds up to the resistances the Africans get in pursuing the interests of Africans in the globe. In addition to this, there is resistance from the well established culture that are liked by many as opposed to African culture (Todd 189-192). The recognition of the African culture by the outside world has been faced with a lot of criticism weather in Asia, Britain, Latin America or the United States of America. In broader understanding the Black Cinema has laid a base in the understanding of how African representative in the globe has been resisted (Todd 195).

Staring from the color, social places, economic field and the political Arena, the black community has been always neglected on baseless grounds. It has long over due for other races to look at black fraternity as people who can deliver. The culture of black race still faces defeat outside the continent on grounds that is barbaric and out dated. In dynamics of culture, the Blacks have shown interest in other people’s culture but African culture has not been welcomed well outside its continent (Todd 201-203).

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In conclusion therefore, as much as black race have wished to represent the African body culture in an African way, the outside world see this as emergency of supremacy and try as much as possible to pull them behind. There have been frustrations when Africans to emerge to the top by holding top governmental positions in the foreign states. There has not been an equal chance among all.


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