The Production Process

The production process of the Colic company that deal with the sale of power products entails the creation of era. As earlier used by the developed states in the early 1980s, the concept of production and supply management has been important especially with the support from the creation of the assembly line in the chain management. This process is characterized by the large-scale changes, down sizing driven by reduction\ion in the programmes within the company, re-engineering and the attention to the practice of other companies.

The integration era of the supply management has been developing through the introduction of enterprise resource planning systems within their operational systems. The era expanded wit the invention of the Internet systems to the world. This era is characterized by the increasing of the value to the reduction through the proper integration of other supportive chain supply systems.

The globalization era in the companies supply chain system management is in this case characterized by the attention given to global systems. This is in regard to the expansion of the companies supply system to wider areas in their operation. The global chain management in the company with the global interest in the increase of its market supply therefore characterizes this era with increase in their competitive advantage, reducing costs through resourcing globally and adding of the value.

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The fourth in this case is the specialization era in which the company focuses on the competencies within its reach; the company can also adapt the specialization model. The company can in this case decide to offset old assets or goods and outsource them to other companies for a change in the extension of the line of supply beyond the borders to their partners. The processes aim at the fundamental goals of this particular company. This model of specialization makes the manufacturing and the distribution networks within and without the organization. In this case the partners may change as per any given market, channel, region that will result in the proliferation of the trading partners in particular with varied characteristics. Specialization can also be approached from the view of the companies internal structure where by sectors like the transport are to understand their role in the management strategy.

This process has proved stronger to the company’s production strategies due to the solutions designed for it their deliverable results. It has too proven the strength in the management of the future company’s projections basing on the flexibility of the company, the success and the values. Most of the results have been seen delivered in various options like the business outsourcing and software’s as services.

This strategy is seen to have various advantages over others; this is seen from the cases of the various stages entailed in the outlining its management operations. This implies that in case of any failure in the system can be easily realized and harmonized for the betterment of the companies’ future.


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