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“So much water close to me” is a great story written by Carver. The author wrote two versions of the story, which tell the similar story but in different ways. These two versions have their many differences and few similarities. The story has a filmic version, which is an adaptation of the story known as Jindabyne released in the year 2006. This essay will focus on the two versions of Carver’s story titled as “So much water so close to me.” The paper will analyze both versions of the story addressing the differences, as well as the few similarities.

The first version of the story “So much water so close to home” is brief. The author has summarized the longer version of the story, which is version two. This is an enormous difference because they are not the same. Version is short and brief while version two is long and detail.

The briefness of the first version is because the author has omitted some relevant information that the audiences were supposed to read. This omitted information influences the flow of the story, which is not pleasant. The second version of Carver’s story is more detailed. It includes all information that is omitted in version one. The most vital parts of the story are included in the story. This is essential because it ensures that the story has a flow in that it explains how things really happened. For example, version one does not include any information about the couples, Stuart and Claire’s son, Dean, curiosity about his dad doings or what he went to do when he left. In version two, alternatively, the author explains how Dean is curious about his dad’s activities when he left home for two days. This is shown at the bottom of page 9 of version two. This example shows that the two versions have a difference.

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In version one of the story, a readers cannot tell what is happening from the start of the story. In version two, a reader can tell what the story is about from the first paragraph. For example, in version two, the author mentions, but not directly, what is the issue with Stuart. This is evidently seen after Claire picked hang up the phone and Stuart started saying angrily, “..She was dead, wasn’t she?” This part is omitted in version one, which has contributed to readers guessing why Stuart was angry. Version two, explains a bit why Stuart was angry. Version two gives the reader the view that someone was found dead; thus the story involves a dead person. Version one does not give the readers that view making readers wonder what the story entails.

Version two of the story includes Dean more times than in version one. Dean is the son of Stuart and Claire, and his inclusion in the story is vital in its way. Version one does not include the role Dean plays in the story. It only mentions him, but does not include his importance. Version two not only mentions Dean but also shows what role he played though he is not considered one of the key people in the story.

Version two of the story shows a lot of flashbacks and imaginations. Imagination is evidently seen during the burial of the dead girls. The action of imagining is done by Claire who started imaging how Susan Miller, the dead girl, was attacked. She imagined how Susan’s journey to the river was, how her nude body was seen by four different men, her husband being one of them. From the imaginations, she sees that there is a connection between her husband and his three friends and the lady who died. Flashback is also seen with Claire was remembering her past thoughts about her life and comparing it to what is going on with her and her marriage. Version one of the story does not include this literature aspects.

Version one of the story does not give any form of suspense to the reader. Suspense is an aspect that people have when they want to know what will happen next. Version one skips a lot of information. This interferes with the flow; thus has no suspense effect as compared to version two. Version two explains all the activities that were happening, how Claire was taking the whole issue, which is not good because of her reactions to her husband. Version two illustrates how Claire was uneasy with Stuart and other men. The effect of how she feels is illustrated with detailed expression in version two. Version one just mentions what Claire does. It does not give the reader the motivation to read more.

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The above differences are several when compared to the similarities of the story. The author did not astray from the story when he wrote both versions. Though one version did not have some information, they both addressed what the story was about.

In conclusion, Carver, the author, is an intelligent man to write both versions of a story differently. The versions illustrate how literature works can be written in different ways, but still constitute the same content.


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