Into the Wild

Chris’s actions have caused many dissimilar debates on wellbeing in the wild and what not to do and many have said that what he did amounted to suicide. But, he has also had a lot of honor for his bravery and spirit of exploit. Chis McCandless is a logical, enormously influential youthful man with a line of immovable impracticality. He is brought up in a rich family in Washington D.C.this is the place where he schooled and achieved his educational ambitions. He was also good in athletics. He is a former student from Emory University back in the year1990.

Though McCandless was a young and victorious college graduate with a good job plus money in the banks; he gave all his lifetime saving to charity work and started being called “Alex,” Abandons almost all of his possessions, and spends two years hitchhiking and traveling around the west. He then hitchhikes to Alaska, where he walks alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley in April 1992. He is found dead four months later. More of his is said in the novel especially his natural journey from corner to corner in the USA. With a father who continuously pushed him to accomplishment, McCandless could no longer compact with life and unpleasantly left all he knew. Krakauer does honestly attempt to illustrate McCandless’s thinking, but admit that his thoughts might be incorrect. Instead Krakauer focuses on with indirect categorization, using a large deal of aspect to define McCandless’s nature.

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McCandless runs from his relatives, particularly his father, he runs to Wayne who turns out to be a close companion and a father figure. This is for the reason that he does not judge Chris, Wayne become his motivator. In spite of their intimacy, McCandless leaves Carthage to stroll around for a second time, but uphold friendship with Westerberg through letters. As his father, Walt becomes the source of Krakauer’s hypothesis on why McCandless ran off his way. Walt is a very rich man and is always asking McCandless to follow his father’s track. After5 years of dwelling on his resentment against his father, McCandless decides that he set his parents and depart, attempting to let them learn a lesson as well. Walt is in the same way indirectly characterized, as a contrasting figure to McCandless(Krakauer).

Mc candles had already made up his mind. He was to leave his family members. So that perhaps leaves leads to the question; “why did he have to leave them all in the first place, isn’t that cruel?” This was his life. His parents listened carefully on everything else but himself and his thoughts, and this is what led him to do this. There was no way he could have gone to enjoy his journey with his family members, he had to leave them behind. This was because his family used to punish him in many ways during his child life.

You can still argue with his choice to on no account call up his sister, but lastly – she acknowledged it. His sister praised him for his actions especially when she realized his death. More over taken for reflection – his sister was very close to their family. At this instant, for him to get in touch with her, would most likely cause it all to go to misuse. There was no way in which His sister could get the contact with him and also avoid this top secret for their people. This does not work; it is extreme too complex psychology for such a youthful mistress to hold.

McCandless’ had a dignified goal – he was to find his right self outside of the restrictions of an organized civilization and come back to “nature”. This was a philosophy backed by Tolstoy, Muir, Rousseau, Kerouac as well as Thoreau and others, McCandless thought that man was fundamentally free only in state of natural world, in touch with himself, the earth with exempt from the material requirements and wants of contemporary civilization. McCandless’ nihilism and denial of material goods, (represented in the movie by the smoldering of his paper money and ID cards) is rather that many disappointed with the unending toil and routines of new society can surely relate to. McCandless is idealistic and impractical, and sincerely believes in his exploration. His tours around the state, taking shelter in a missionary in Los Angeles or running as grain shoveler in South Dakota are knowledge that gives viewers and readers discerning insights into the multiplicity of man, nature moreover humanity.

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In the end, however, McCandless’ adventure leads him to the wilderness of Alaska. Geographically isolated, covered with miles of uninhabited natural forests, mountains and idyllic landscapes, Alaska represents to McCandless, the last frontier, a place where man can truly return to nature and find utopia. Those following McCandless to his last path down Stampede Trail in Alaska cannot help asking whether McCandless was really an enlightened individual or in reality was some sort of megalomaniac suffering from grand delusions that he alone was capable of tackling the extreme wilderness of Alaska ill equipped with the few meager possession he brought with him to this ultimate destination. Without any real outdoor survival skills and failing to equip himself with the few basic things that could have saved his life (such as a map), McCandless is exposed to the realities of a harsh and unforgiving nature, one where survival skills are essential and there no room for learning from your mistakes, especially when your life depends on it.

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McCandless’ foolhardy journey down Stampede trail raises several questions of why he made some of the decisions that he did. Was McCandless not afraid to die? What would he have done had he not stumbled across the abandoned school bus? Why didn’t he at least bring a tent? Why didn’t he familiarize himself with the terrain, known hunting trails or talk to experienced wilderness trekkers who could have imparted some basic advice that would have saved his life in the end? And most baffling, why didn’t he take a map? Did McCandless believe that his life exploration would not be as meaningful had be been familiar with the basic geography of the area?

Although it appears that McCandless made an attempt to return to civilization at some point, the realities of failing to equip himself and his ignorance of outdoor survival is magnified when he returns in the deluge and takes refuge in the only thing he is familiar with in the Alaskan wilderness – the old abandoned bus, and an ironic reminder of his modern origins. He is weak, exhausted, starving and scared and the inexperience and travesties of his small mistakes compound into eventual starvation and death.

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It turns out that the Alaskan frontier, in the beginning, represented to McCandless freedom and serenity; in the end, however, it becomes his horrific prison. What is even more devastating is that McCandless realizes eventually that happiness is found not in the solitary confines of some abandoned bus in the middle of the Alaskan wild, but in companionship and shared experiences with others. While McCandless experiences are moving, after watching Into the Wild, you cannot help feel that the “great search for truth” eventually took McCandless to an ill conceived which prematurely claimed his life. This story has made an impact making it to be praised by all sorts of people.


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