Communication Competence and Self Esteem

The process of acquiring self-awareness is essential to the improvement of communication competence and consequently professional competence in members within an organization. This underscores the significance of building individuals with self-awareness for the overall effectiveness of an organization. Self-aware individuals create proper communication channels that finally contribute to its success. This paper, therefore, focuses on the understanding of attitudes, beliefs, and values that build self-awareness and the effects of self-awareness to four levels of communication.

Self-awareness refers to self-recognition of one’s personal strengths and weaknesses. The degree of truthfulness a person conceives as well as self-awareness varies from one individual to another and affects the ability to see objectively one’s own faults and capitalize on advantages (Chelladurai, 2006). In addition, self-awareness manifests through positive feelings of achievements and incompetence at workplace. Therefore, people who can admit their faults develop ways of correcting them. Firstly, an individual with proper interpersonal communication easily locates gaps of communicative skills and finds it easy to remove them (Vanita, 2003). Secondly, intercultural communication involves sharing information between people on varied levels of control and awareness. If a person has low self-esteem and self-awareness, problems occur in intercultural communication. Flaws develop from the display and interpretation of feelings and attitudes when there is low control of personal awareness. On the other hand, communication within a workplace requires sharing of developmental ideas. Individuals with problems in interpersonal communication, fail to recognize their strengths, which subsequently undermine the development of new ideas. Failure, to be truthful to oneself, also leads to incompetence (DelCampo, 2011). Self-aware managers have confidence in communicating their decisions and easily tackle challenges by consultation, too. Talking about the small-groups, an individual correctly identifies the possibilities of the group when self-awareness prevails. The ethics of small groups reflects hugely on the use of proper language, body movements, sharing truthful information, and respect of other opinions (Pearson et al., 2005). These qualities are only possessed by an individual who is secure, has self-awareness and adopts acceptable communication skills. Therefore, self-awareness builds interpersonal communication, which subsequently gives the ability to understanding other people.

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There are three things building interpersonal communication: beliefs, values and attitudes. Understanding these concepts enhances the different levels of communication. Beliefs represent the way an individual considers different things that already exist and expectations of things or assumptions. On the other hand, values involve the ways things ought to be or how people ought to behave. It bases on qualities such as honesty, integrity, or openness. Finally, attitudes are responses to both people and situations, basing on beliefs, values or assumptions a person makes (Whetten & Cameron, 2007). Commonly, response to situations and behavior reflects the attitudes an individual has. However, in management, it is imperative to develop control of behavior and not to reflect beliefs and values. Flexibility is, therefore, essential to adoption of intelligence and positivity in different situations.

In conclusion, out beliefs, values and attitudes play an important role in communication. Development of excellent communication skills is also paramount to organizations, since the success of any institution involves sharing of ideas. Finally, the success in interpersonal communication is the basis of all other communications.


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