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According to the article Fairfax Metropolitan (Understanding Diversity) Metropolitan Hospital is known to be a moderately sized teaching hospital committed to quality care from a qualified staff. “The hospital currently suffers from a lack of diversity among its staff.” Therefore, Metropolitan Hospital needs improvement when it comes to diversity. The issue that the hospital faces is lack of communication. The committee discusses the candidate Dr. Saryn Soysa. They believe that she would be the best qualified person for the job. However, HR director Jorge Hansen believes that the committee pretense ethnic and cultural prejudice, but concerns are Dr. Saryn weight and youth. Jorge Hansen believes that the CEO would think it too risky to hire someone so young for such an important post.

Discrimination is a key factor in this situation. Dr. Saryn size is as common as race-based discrimination. Passing judgment on a person because she or he is obese may lead to unfair hiring and promotional decisions, as well as pay disparities. Plus, weight-motivated discrimination or harassment can lead to a difficult work environment and decreased morale for all employees.

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Being obsess or overweight has important allegations for work productivity and employment due; to disability-impaired productivity, increased costs for sickness absence, the related consequence of reduced work suitability and fitness, and early retirement due to ill health (Deacon, 2007). Obesity accounts for 18 million days of sickness absence each year and 30,000 deaths annually (National Audit Office, 2001). Much obesity related deaths are premature and affect people of working age, shortening life by an average of nine years (Deacon, 2007).

How can these issues be avoided

According to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) law provides a measure of employment opportunity and protection for people with serious medical disability (Deacon, 2007). The laws states that; individual has a well-recognized medical condition, the condition has been present or is anticipated to be present for less than 12 months, and the disability affects their normal everyday activities, require employers to make ‘reasonable’ work or workplace adjustments (Deacon, 2007).

Metropolitan Hospital can make adjustments to their hospital by promoted a healthy approach to encourage weight –loss. These include the following;

How can they be addressed when they occur?

In order for Metropolitan Hospital to make the best solution, they need to view the problem from different angles. Different viewpoints would certainly lead to disagreement. Therefore, the hospital could use the Team Management Wheel. This model highlights the different ways that team member approach work situations. The model consists of: reports, creator, explorer, assessor, thruster, concluder, controller, upholder, and The Linker role. This model will help the team makes a wiser decision. The Wheel highlights the diversity problem in a team and organization.

How does the workplace promote connections among a diverse workforce and a sense of team within the company or department?

In order for the hospital to promote connection among a diverse workforce and a sense of team within the company, the hospital should: changing perception of workplace diversity, elements of an inclusive corporate culture, the business case and HR’s leadership role to maximize the benefits of a diverse workforce in a changing marketplace. Even though a broad range of issues is covered, it should be noted that “one size does not fit all,” as organizations are in different stages of development regarding workplace diversity (Nancy, 2005). “Diversity represents a company’s fundamental attitude that it not only respects and values the individuality of its employees but also understands how to tap the potentially significant contributions inherent in diversity.” Alexandra Groess Allianz Group’s International Diversity Project

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How does the company or department handle issues of prejudice as well as discriminatory and exclusionary behavior?


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