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Etisalat has been the provider of telecommunications services since 1976; it is the largest telecommunication company in United Arab Emirates. The company has developed a modern infrastructure, which is considered to be as a reliable and innovative service provider. Based in Abu Dhabi, Etisalat is operating across the Middle East and African regions. The company has one of the highest credit rating in the US, Africa and Middle East and it is rated second highest telecom company worldwide on the Fitch rating and number four on Moody’s, and S&P rating. Apart from empowering the Nation Telecommunication Services, Etisalat also provides a range of modern and innovative services that have promoted the UAE to become one of the advance regions in terms of telecommunications services. The company operates in 18 nations in Asia, Middle East and Africa reaching approximately 2 billion customers globally. Up to date, the company’s direct subscribers are in excess of 140 million connected through Landline voice, mobile and data services (Oxford, 2007).

One of the major pillars of Etisalat strategies is to continue developing and growing its contributions to the international operations in both its operation performance and portfolio of assets. The company’s management continues to become conservative concerning the acquisitions and managing the financial resources, as well as investment. One of the significant techniques applied for the selection of the investment by the company’s management is the IRR. The stoppings rule in investment is any IRR that is below 10%. However, there are other criteria used in assessing the potential investment, some of them are the synergies between different operations, though, they may not be quantifiable in consideration of a given opportunity.

Etisalat purposes to continue its investment in the infrastructure to support the advancing technologies in operations, in UAE, while at the same time seeking to overcome the saturation of the basic mobile telephony divisions. The management is expected to complete its deployment of the optic fiber network that will enable the operation of FTTH, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2012. With this development in place, Etisalat will be in a position to launch the new triple-offers, which is referred as eLife.

Etisalat became the first utility company in the Middle East region to use GIS technology in 1989 in developing its Plant Network. At the beginning of the 21st century, the company developed Telcordia Network Engineer, a geospatial telecommunication networking plan and engineering solution enhanced by ERSRI and GIS technology (Pan, 2010).

In 2010, Etisalat was awarded the CommsMEA awards for the ‘Overall Operator of the Year’. The company pioneered the launch of the first commercial 4G service on its countrywide LTE network and delivered a compelling mobile, broadband service to consumers. Through Etisalat’s investment in Thuraya Telecommunications Corporation, the leading worldwide mobile satellite services provider, the company’s connectivity coverage reaches the most of the whole world. The company has a variety of hi-tech services to the telecom industry including technical and managerial training, payment solution, SIM card manufacturing and land cable services.

The commercial operations of all associates within the Etisalat group run on the state-of-art technology, confounding Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA to 3.5G with IT and telecommunications services moving closer into other domains as technology amalgamates. As the company expands and ventures into new territories, the technological merge has become a trademark of the company’s entity. This has proven to be a successful route with the consumer base ever growing at a higher rate than speculated. 2008 saw the partnership with French Telecom and BT was formed to enhance innovation through sharing of experiences.

These benefits were enjoyed by both parties and the end users. The group has the capacity to offer synergies. Including the joint marketing campaigns being undertaken, this has given a greater return on the investment of the partnership and serves to develop trust among the consumers for Etisalat services (Shaw, 2008).


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