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The contemporary world is filled with virtual teams. Companies and organizations anticipate for ways to increase production at reduced costs and keep the team work spirit alive. Team’s and individual’s productivity are the main concern for project managers when implementing project work. They have used available task collaboration hardware and software that promote team collaboration, high productivity, and high quality work (Brown, 2007).


These tools include task collaboration software that promotes significant communication between members of the team and functional teamwork environment. The tools can be used from any location and team management as well members can access detailed task information, summary, and related documentation. The software is used to gauge team’s productivity and efficiency.

Wiki enterprise is a significant tool for virtual team which necessitates online collaborative document editing and allows synchronous collaboration rather than asynchronous collaboration. Document management systems allow sharing, storing, retrieval, and archiving of documents and provide teams with an effective mechanism so that they could share such documents at different localities.

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Communication tools promote dissemination of information across the company and beyond its boundaries in a trusted, reliable, and secure manner. This also includes conferences and meetings which allow a face-to-face interaction of teams. Formalized communication tools controlled with the means of media, for example, progress reports, time sheets, issues, and change requests also promote team collaboration (Huettner, 2007).

Project websites are highly significant as they hold vital information that members may access. Websites ensure a transmission of effective communication and dissemination of key information to the members. Finally, use of emails ensures that valuable information is conveyed to all members as they will also respond to such mails.


Collaboration tools are highly beneficial to every organization considering the use of virtual teams. Virtual working environments promote team interaction, quick completion of projects, high productivity, and production of quality products and reduce interruptions that may cripple productivity (Jarvis, 2010).


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