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In simpler terms, urban morphology can be defined as the physical, human, industrial, commercial and other social planning of an urban centre which could be a city or even a town depending on the classification (Yang 342).

There exists a great link between the development of urban centres and the transport system involved within that specific era. In the pre Cambrian period, most people preferred living closer to their places of work, since it forced them to walk to their places of work. This therefore prompted most individuals to live in areas which were only about thirty minutes walk away from their residential places. When the era of automobiles came into the existence, people decided to live much away from their places of work, and this prompted the developers of the residential areas to build the houses in a linear pattern in relation to the roads and the streets. This made it easier for the commuters to access the cars on the roads which were just but a stone throw away from their houses. The streets were however very narrow, as only a few cars were available on the roads or streets (O’Flagan 87).

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According to Adams, there exist two eras of the automobile development. The first period occurred just before the World War II. During this period, cars or the automobiles were seen as machines used for pleasure, but not for the purpose of transporting workers. Some individuals could drive with their cars to the bus stations and then take either a bus or a train to come back in the evening and drive back home. The second era occurred after the World War. During this period cars were indeed very common on the roads, where they were being used as the forms of public transport. This forced the authorities to expand the roads; more filling stations were also required for the increased number of cars on the roads. Parking space became a major concern and this prompted the majority of owners of business enterprises to relocate to the suburbs where they could find ample parking space for their employees.

For purposes of this paper, I will consider discussing areas within Chicago city in the United States. The analysis would basically focus on the patterns of the streets and other social aspects like the segregation in the city due to its infrastructural development (Ng 560.

The area around Millennium Park is well endowed with hostels and several apartments. As a result of my job, I would prefer living in a hostel, as opposed to the apartments to cut on the costs. This is because my employment is on the contract basis for only six months. The hostels within the area are affordable, since there is the presence of students who study at Chicago in the Art Institute. I decided to take one of the hostels located on the van Buren Street as this is directly to the South of the Millennium Park and Grant Park in that ascending distances order.

There is also a number of shopping malls along the South Michigan Avenue where I could obtain most of my groceries and shopping. Indeed, they are only about twenty miles away and this is only half an hour’s drive at an affordable cost with a private car. Since I am a strong catholic, I needed some place where I could go to fellowship/worship on Sundays. This prompted me to go to the St. Mary’s chapel which is just about fifty miles away from where I stay. It is located just located on the West Adams Street.

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The other entertainment and salient factors which could be considered include the Millennium and the grant Parks which are of the very good quality in terms of recreational facilities and activities with my young and yet developing family. The other important factor is the availability of restaurants (Duncan 67). There are a lot of restaurants offering different cuisines in my neighbourhood. The Berghoff catering and Restaurant Group is located on the 17 West Adams Street. There also exists the Gage located on the 24 South Michigan Avenue. These two restaurants are more than enough to serve me in the neighbourhood. Since I love reading, the Harold Washington library serves best with the relevant academic and inspirational books for my intellectual well being and development.

Based on Adams classification of the eras in the urban morphology, my neighbourhood would be classified under the Post World War era. This is because it is bestowed with the salient features described by Adams as the issues relating to this era. This is due to the presence of very wide roads which could carry a good number of cars, for example the South Michigan and the South Columbus Avenues. They are literally super highways, according to the current standards. Indeed, the Millennium area is superimposed between the two avenues. This basically tells of the presence of many cars in the area, as well as many filling stations to serve the population. The parking in the area is also enhanced to accommodate more vehicles (Yang 345).


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