Metropolitan Issues in an Economic Development Meeting

Economic development meetings are those that are set up with the aim of planning on how to boost the economy of a given area. Economic development is a crucial concept that is incorporated in every society for its well-being. These meeting are regarded as beneficial meetings in the society whereby it is able to improve its facilities from the results of a successful economic development meeting. Therefore, such a meeting should incorporate various elements and issues in its course. For instance, economic development meetings should be considerate of metropolitan issues. Metropolitan issues are the ones that are dependent on and involve a densely populated urban core and surrounding territories that are less populated. Metropolitan issues also cover industrial, infrastructure, and housing concepts. The current essay is aimed at explaining metropolitan issues that will emerge in an economic development committee meeting, hence proving that it should incorporate them in its course because it is highly dependent on them for its success.

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In an economic development committee meeting, the main agenda is to involve current trends in improving affairs of the society. An economic development committee makes integration much easier because it is able to table all issues in the local setting of the committee. Metropolitan issues in such a meeting are most likely to be the main issue that the committee will have to address (Cairncross, 2013). Examples of metropolitan issues include urban population, projects, and urban geographical setting. In modern settings, a metropolitan area is expected to hold great housing strategies, industrial plans, and every infrastructure aspect in the area. This explains why economic development meetings must be considerate of metropolitan issues for their success. However, for success of an economic development meeting metropolitan issues should be effectively regulated to ensure that the meeting has met its goal of the society’s economic upkeep (Lee, Feiock & Lee, 2012).

The major metropolitan issue in an economic development meeting is housing. Housing in any setting depends on the area’s population. This means that any economic development meeting must be considerate of demographic issues to ensure that metropolitan issues are addressed squarely (Mills & McDonald, 2012). In the meeting, standards of housing in the area of interest should be set. This is because the aim of an economic development meeting is to enhance the growth rate of a given area. Improvement is influenced by the type of housing that the committee advocates to be set up. Housing technologies should be an integral part of the meeting whereby technologies should provide an efficient housing discussion foundation (Cairncross, 2013). Therefore, housing as a metropolitan issue should be addressed effectively in an economic development meeting.

Housing in a metropolitan setting is a broad concept. There are many housing areas in a given metropolitan area. For instance, a metropolitan area should have all metropolitan elements. Elements such as industrial and infrastructure elements influence the nature of housing in a given area. Therefore, different housing levels are expected to be a metropolitan issue that should be addressed in the meeting. Housing levels should be considerate of why housing is needed (Lee, Feiock & Lee, 2012). For instance, the meeting will address the need to have a housing concept in an industrial aspect. The level of housing to be discussed in the meeting on the industrial setting should ensure that all aspects of the industry are efficient in accomplishing its tasks easily. The meeting should address technical details of the industrial housing, taking into account that there should be safety measures within the industry. In addition, the meeting should address housing of residential areas within the area of interest. At a successful economic development meeting, residential housing should be maintained at the highest level of technology to ensure that it accelerates development of the region. Therefore, housing should be addressed as a main metropolitan issue in an economic development meeting.

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Infrastructure is another metropolitan issue that should be addressed in an economic development meeting. Infrastructure is a core metropolitan issue that any society cannot do without. It is a physical and organizational structure that is needed for the society’s operation. Infrastructure therefore forms the basis of economic development as a metropolitan issue. Various infrastructure concerns should be addressed in any economic development meeting. For effective economic development, infrastructure technology should remain updated in the discussion of economic development (Dreier, Mollenkopf, & Swanstrom, 2012). The meeting should ensure that infrastructure of the debated area is up-to-date in order to boost economic development of the area. Therefore, infrastructure experts such as engineers should be invited to the meeting to ensure that infrastructure as a metropolitan issue is addressed adequately.

Infrastructure categories should also be a key area of discussion at the economic development meeting. Infrastructure may be distinguished into hard and soft infrastructure. The economic development meeting should address both types of infrastructure because they depend on each other. In addition, infrastructure as a metropolitan issue should be driven by the relationship between hard and soft infrastructure. This is because both types of infrastructure are interlinked and depend on one another for success (Lee, Feiock, & Lee, 2012). For instance, soft infrastructure comprises issues such as economic infrastructure and governance infrastructure, while hard infrastructure includes communications, energy, and transportation infrastructure. Economic infrastructure, as a soft infrastructure type, shares basic characteristics with some of hard infrastructure types, while the vice versa is also true (Cairncross, 2013). Therefore, the economic development meeting should address infrastructure because it directly affects economic growth as a metropolitan issue.

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Besides, infrastructure forms a life-supporting basis for the population in a metropolitan area. This means that it must be emphasized in discussions at the economic development meeting. Since the meeting is a public meeting, it should address all issues in the area of interest, including demographic needs. Therefore, participants should ensure that the population in a given area has required infrastructure needs satisfied in order to ensure that economic stability in the region is maintained. As a result, infrastructure as a metropolitan issue should meet basic essentials on the agenda of the economic development meeting.

Metropolitan issues in an economic development meeting should also address industrialization. Industrialization is a major element in a metropolitan region whereby it constitutes sort of a reproductive organ. This is the main reason why it should be discussed in an economic development meeting. Industrialization creates productivity in a metropolitan area through creation of employment and production of essential goods. For instance, industries create labor demand, which in turn ensures employment of people. In addition, industries create external employment in metropolitan areas whereby they grant tenders of supply to various suppliers (Dreier, Mollenkopf, & Swanstrom, 2012). This explains why the economic development meeting should address industrialization as a metropolitan issue. Moreover, industrialization remains important in discussions at the meeting because it will be one of the main revenue generating sectors of the region, hence boosting its economic growth.

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Aspects of industrialization such as industrial regulatory measures should be addressed in the course of the meeting as well. These aspects ensure that industrialization remains an efficient metropolitan issue that contributes to the development of the area. The economic development meeting should ensure that it sets up rules that will govern industrialization. The rules will foster a favorable environment for economic growth. For example, the economic development committee should put in place measures to ensure that metropolitan industries maintain ethics in all their activities. The industries should be closely followed to make sure that they do not pollute the environment or mistreat their employees (Leigh & Blakely, 2013). Therefore, industrialization as a metropolitan issue should be intensively addressed at the economic development committee’s meeting.

Demographic factors are also a metropolitan issue that should be addressed in a public meeting. Demographic factors are all population-dependent factors that affect people’s lives. In an economic development meeting, population as a metropolitan issue should be considered at every step of discussions. For instance, demographic factors should be the guide during the discussion of the economic growth. This is symbolically seen when the committee discusses the per capita income of people in the region of interest. The population of the region will be the guiding principle in the calculation of the per capita income. In addition, per capita income can be used as a measure of economic growth in a region in terms of individual earnings (Dreier, Mollenkopf, & Swanstrom, 2012). Furthermore, population is regarded as a crucial metropolitan issue because it is highly flexible and its changes should be closely observed to ensure that the economic development of a certain area is addressed adequately. Therefore, demographic factors should be monitored as a metropolitan issue in an economic development meeting.

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In conclusion, metropolitan issues in any public meeting are important because they form the body of discussions during the meeting. In the economic development meeting, metropolitan issues are deeply linked with the economic progress of the area of interest. Infrastructure, industrialization, and housing are essential metropolitan issues that should be addressed in detail in any economic development meeting.


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