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It is usually discussed by parents and thought to their children that hard work at school and getting the best grades will help them to join a college and have further professional development. According to Rubenson & Schutze, (96-7) parents and care providers have always measured success of a child with the fact of graduating a college. The government is also motivated and interested in increased number of college graduates since it has offered all the ways to get the society in enhancing and getting involved in higher education. Encouragement of good academic performance has taken place over many years as it is natural for parents to encourage their children to get seriously into studies. Education pressure and awareness, as well as its application on being successful is an inherited characteristics in the society. Since our parents have this kind of perception, does it mean that education is a cultural progression that has developed over many years? The answer is probably yes. It is a cultural perception of every society to have children and adults getting education. Getting higher education is an insight of being successful in life.

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Still I have doubts about it, as I have seen some people in the society who have never attended school or got college degree. However, they have become really successful. For instance, Richard Branson the owner of the Atlantic virgin airlines is well known worldwide for having outrageous business tactics. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen years, meaning that he never got a glance of any college studies. Now he is a successful business man, having almost three hundred and sixty companies of virgin Atlantic companies (Bettinger, & Long 17-20). Where is this example supposed to bring us to? There is a man who is very successful and yet he has never attended any college studies. This means that although such people have become successful in life, it does not mean that you do not need to get a college degree. Success in life is defined by a person’s inner abilities, for instance, entrepreneur abilities that establish the dimensions, positions and approaches on applicability for being successful.

Can you be successful if you do not indulge into college education? The answer is very clear. People are becoming successful without college degrees (Perin 39-45). Well, I have several proves that people have attended colleges and higher learning levels and yet they do not have any jobs or that they are working on specific jobs that they are not interested with. Why one would attend a college and yet have a job that does not bring satisfaction?

This is proven in my essay. What I would really like people to understand about college education is following.

According to Calcagno & Long, when you are involved into college studies, you are not given the assurance that you will get a job after you complete studies. All the needs of attending a college is to gain information through studying, you will not get any tutor or instructor giving you the basics that there is a job that is waiting for you after your study is over.


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