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Learning is the most fundamental process in a student’s education. Therefore, it is necessary that the best method of learning for a person to be determined. Whereas the traditional methods of learning are a preference of many, they are not the most appropriate methods of course delivery. In the current world, choices are available for online course delivery methods. The advances in technology have made it possible for students to study and do their homework online. As much as both the traditional and online course delivery methods serve their purposes, they are not the same. Online course delivery method is effective and efficient for both the students and their tutors. It is my opinion that online course delivery method is the best method for studying.

As students we engage in extra-curriculum activities, which require time, commitments. Some of us may have part time jobs or other things to do, which require time allocations. With the traditional methods of study, I have to be physically present in class. The lessons require that i be in attendance physically. I may not be feeling well or up to taking the lesson at that time. The time allocation for the lesson may be at the time that my attention is at its lowest. The online course delivery system allows me to take classes when my minds attention is at its peak. In this course delivery system, i can organize time and attend to other activities. This allows me to learn in a flexible environment where i can study at my own convenience (Palloff and Pratt118). The convenience of online studying makes it the best delivery system.

Online courses are more resourceful and interactive in comparison to the traditional forms of study. This system allows me to interact with tutors and my fellow students who have valuable suggestions to my assignments. Any questions arising are immediately responded to by my fellow students who we are in touch online or my teachers (Palloff and Pratt 126). The materials available for my preparation of the course work are infinite. This opens my mind to a wide range of observation points. This enhances my leaning processes and experiences. This system of course delivery also will enable me to control my learning. This happens by controlling the course outline avoiding irrelevant and unnecessary materials. The traditional methods do not give me these options. In the traditional system, I have to read a lot of irrelevant information in order to complete an assignment. The traditional system proves to be unreliable; therefore, the most reliable method is the online course delivery method.

The costs of education have steeply increased over time. It becomes necessary to find a cost-effective method of study given the economic difficulties we students are facing (Palloff and Pratt 44). The traditional course delivery system is expensive and unaffordable to most of us. We may be willing to study but lack the means to do so because of the high costs associated with education. We pay tuition fees alongside other costs, when we calculate the total costs; it becomes very expensive to study. The online delivery system is sensitive to our finances and does not require a lot of money to study. Sometimes we can study at the comforts of our homes and our own pace. This allows us to save some money on study materials, travelling expenses and other costs. We can also study when our finances allow it without worry of discontinuation. When I compare the low costs of online course delivery system to the traditional system I realize that it is the best choice because it is not expensive.

It is evident that, with the technological advances in the world, systems should ebb towards these advances (Palloff and Pratt 49). The traditional course delivery system is exhausting because of the huge volumes that we have to read. The significance of online course delivery is clear because it is easy to use and simple for us to work on our assignments. Research and study materials are readily available to us online. When we get problems it is easy to find a solution and suggestions from the online community. The online course delivery system has made studying possible for those of us who do not have direct access to education institutions. It is, therefore, the best method of study.


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