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Educational goals have a direct connection to the further transition in the professional sphere. It is the core of the appropriate attributes development, which can help in effective inclusion in the sphere of business. The following discussion reveals several goals of the educational process, which are supposed to benefit in three perspectives: study, career, and personal life. By the end of the discussion, it is possible to have a complex overview of goals, their obstacles, and approaches, which can help overcome the challenges. In general, the idea of the discussion is to find appropriate goals for the next years of studying.

Specific Goals for UVU Degree and How the Degree Will Help to Accomplish Career and Life Goals

Obtain PhD

The main goal of the educational process is obtaining a PhD. It is the primary goal, which has many challenges and requires additional support of resources and practices on the way to achievement. However, it is worth defining sub-goals in the achievement of the main goal. The following sections represent the sub-goals of obtaining a PhD.

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Learn the Value of Understanding a Culture with the Help of Language

Cultural aspects build social relations and require every individual to be culturally sensitive. Learning the value of understanding a culture is a goal, which should help adjust to the cultural diversity of the surrounding world. It is impossible to imagine the world with a single group of people belonging to one culture. In fact, the goal is to learn how to become culturally sensitive without fear to offend another person based on cultural aspects. The achievement of the goal should become one of the main elements in the development of the career. It can provide with further inclusion in business environment with full understanding of the culturally sensitive individuals. In this way, it will become possible to pursue human relations full of understanding and respect.

Gain Confidence in Making Choices

Confidence is one of the important elements in the educational process, which can have a significant influence on students. From the personal perspective of view, it is difficult to make confident choices due to the inability to predict the outcomes and analyze personal specific needs. It is the reason explaining the place of confidence in the learning process. It should become the primary element in selecting courses, spending spare time in a specific way, and even in answering the questions full of confidence. In this way, it will be possible to focus on the specific areas of interest, which will become helpful in writing studies. Confidence and focus are two inseparable elements, which should become the main qualities of the successful career development.

Time Management

Short-term and long-term goals require a special attention in order to create an optimal environment for their achievement. Time management is one of the most effective elements, which should become a part of the personal development. Current stage of the educational process does not allow using time management with its benefits. It is a primary problem, which does not allow planning daily routine effectively. It requires continuous evaluation of time required for the completion of various tasks. The main goal is to obtain an optimal sense of time and resources required for the completion of each task. Time management is a key to obtaining a PhD, which will allow working as a full-time college professor. Nevertheless, there are obstacles on the way to the achievement of the set goal of becoming a college professor.

Obstacles on the Way of Goals

In the perspective of the goals achievement, it is possible to point at the idea that there are various obstacles on the way of all mentioned goals. First, it is necessary to start from cultural understanding. It is important to be ready to the cultural conflicts on the way to understanding of cultural peculiarities. It is a way, which can lead to making various mistakes resulting in the lack of willingness to continue trying to achieve the goal. If cultural conflicts start arising, it might become difficult to pursue tolerance and loyalty on the way to cultural sensitivity.

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Secondly, the goal of confidence achievement can also be difficult to accomplish for several reasons. Various family obstacles may also interfere in the educational process. In addition, it may be difficult to pay for the PhD program, which is a result of personal inability to multitask. All these life challenges can become critical in the process of gaining confidence. However, all problems have a logical explanation and can have a solution thanks to the high concentration, which can be hardly gained due to various difficulties.

Thirdly, it is possible to think about obstacles on the way to the development of time-management techniques, which are essential for the educational and professional success. Changes in the schedule or cases of emergency may require immediate changes in short-term and long-term planning. In this way, it is possible to lose balance on the way to the effective time management. In addition, there is an existing problem of multitasking, which means that it is difficult to create an appropriate plan of actions.

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Specific Strategies, Approaches, and Resources to Overcome and Defeat Obstacles 

Every mentioned obstacle has its solution thanks to the various resources and approaches. First, it is important to start from cultural development. It is necessary to understand that cultural conflicts help optimize the environment of cultural diversity. It is important to realize that persistence, tolerance, and loyalty can help bring patience to the achievement of cultural sensitivity. For example, it is possible to use multicultural groups attending courses. It can help develop a flexible transition in the multicultural environment, where the participants can show the essence of their culture by means of language, traditions and values. As a result, it will be possible to obtain appropriate background for working with students from different ethnic groups.

Further, it is important to understand that the problem of confidence achievement can have several approaches for reaching the appropriate outcomes. As long as confidence is related to the ability to pay for the program and concentrate on several duties at the same time, it is possible to seek for the solution in the family. As soon as there is an additional job, which can help pay for the program, it is possible to seek for the support of the nearest people, who can easily complete some duties at home.  

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Finally, time management obstacles related to procrastination can have its solutions through smart planning. It means that it is important to put duties and responsibilities on the top of the list, and leave other activities for the rest of the day. It means that it is necessary to develop a habit of completing the necessary tasks first, and then take care of the personal needs satisfaction. It is possible to ask someone to develop a system of rewards, which will motivate to continue following the plan. Consequently, it will become possible to have effective motivation and create a multitasking approach towards planning.   


In conclusion, it is important to mention that the named above goals and obstacles are effective in the development of a personality in general. Such goals are the primary elements in the effective studying and appropriate career building. It is impossible to imagine successful graduation and career development without cultural sensitivity, confidence and time management techniques. It means that setting of goals is most likely to be helpful in every situation.


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