Ethical and Moral Philosophies


Undoubtedly, people’s livelihood is a pivotal opportunity to empower transformation, passions, and dreams. On the other hand, it can be a source of nervousness, hatred, big depression, and pain. Thus, everybody should know how to control their emotions and wishes whether it is at home or work. In this case, it is vital to mention that morality plays an important role when people make their decisions and judgments. For instance, business leaders rely on their philosophies that help them to define the way they will conduct their business. This essay seeks to understand the role of moral philosophies in the globalized world and their application in the business.

Definition of a Moral Philosophy

According to the definition, a moral philosophy is a specific human principle that people use to define what is right and wrong. It is true that moral philosophies significantly influence people’s behavior because it is a part of human nature to make judgments and evaluate surrounding world. Some people think that a moral philosophy is a basic value that helps to contact with other people and establish relationships. However, scientists point out that a moral philosophy is a particular regulation or rule that determines correct/ incorrect human behavior and principles. McNamara (n.d.) points out that moral philosophies impact human behavior because they primarily determine human reactions and judgments about certain type of issues. Moral philosophy applies to specific established and widely known principles that people follow to determine correct and incorrect behavior. It is necessary to mention that business leaders who use moral philosophies have a clear view of the set of regulations, employee’s behavior, code of ethics, and team coordination. It is true that conducting any type of business, each leader has to be very careful with judgments, since they may lead not only to the tense relationships in the company, but also to the collapse of it. In this case, it is clear that moral philosophies help the leaders to define correct and incorrect human behavior in order to establish a successful business based on moral principles (Callahan, 2008).

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Idealist and Realist Moral Philosophies

There exist a big number of many philosophies nowadays. This paper will discuss two of them such as idealism and realism. Idealism is a moral philosophy according to which human mind plays a pivotal role. There can be many obstacles and challenges in any businesses; however, these issues will not stop an idealist leader. Thus, it may be assumed that according to the idealistic values, the human mind is the independent product of creating them. If to talk about business, in the general case, an idealist leader cannot reach only the stars (that are logically unreachable). Undoubtedly, it is a big plus that the idealist has a set of goals and tries to reach them no matter what. Moreover, an idealist boss always has optimistic views on the company that make the work process enjoyable and relaxed. On the contrary, if one does not reach these idealistic aims there will be not only problems with the business, but some psychological issues as well. For instance, an idealist may want to reach the long term goals for a short period. Undoubtedly, he will not succeed.

Another vital moral philosophy to be discussed is realism. Realism is a moral philosophy that depicts reality truthfully. Moreover, according to realism, surrounding determines human relationships. Despite all people’s efforts, there is a reality that plays more pivotal role, comparing to the human mind (Cengage, n.d.). Thus, it may be assumed that realist moral philosophy defines reality as a core value that exists and is uncontrollable. If to talk about a realist business leaders, it is necessary to mention that they clearly understand that there may be many obstacles on the road of gaining the target. A realist will know what to do in order to solve this issue regarding real situations.

Decision-making Process

Doubtless, moral philosophies can play a crucial role in defining leader’s behavior in the corporate environment. O. Ferrell, Fraedrich and L. Ferrell (2013) point out that a business manager makes a decision based on personal values and desire to have a successful business. If to talk about an idealist business leader, his core values will be to reach high tops despite all obstacles and problems. In this case, an idealist leader will make decisions very fast without any proper analysis. On the contrary, a realist business manager will analyze the situation and only then he will make a decision. Thus, it is clear that people’s behavior, attitudes, and judgments define the makeup of their personal moral philosophy and decision-making process.

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Global Strategic Planning

The moral philosophies of any business have a significant influence on global strategic planning. American scholar G. Callahan (2008) thinks that recognition of moral judgments will improve global policy choices. For instance, the problems in the Gap, the global outlet, caused by irresponsible foreign plants to create toxic conditions helped to collaborate with the residents and employees to take immediate actions. In this case, the moral philosophy was based on clear moral assumptions and analysis of the situation that led to global strategic planning and solution of the problem. Undoubtedly, such events inspire business leaders to be more careful with their foreign partners and motivate executives to establish social responsibility in their companies. Furthermore, moral philosophies play a vital role in applying a code of conduct that guides organizational vision and inner/ outer business relationships. It may be assumed that the success of any company highly depends on the ability to create a universal set of rules that will guide behavior of employees and managers. For instance, a code of ethics may define acceptable personality traits, performance levels, and behavioral boundaries. Each company can have their code of ethics based on their inner needs and desires; however this code of ethics should be applied to all employees and managers.

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Integration of Moral Philosophies into Business

The process of integrating moral philosophies into business is not very simple as the main task of it is to solve problems from moral and ethical points of view and to achieve win-win results. The main obstacles that the managers may face are fair wages, tolerant behavior towards different ethnical and gender groups, job security, and comfortable work conditions. Many employers suffer from the inability to apply moral philosophies and code of ethics into business since they do not have appropriate skills and qualifications how to do it. Also, there are some leaders who underestimate the vitality of moral philosophy. These problems will lead to the downsizing of the business and outsourcing. In this case, it is highly recommended to participate in various decision-making training that will help the managers to create fair and comfortable work conditions (Callahan, 2008).


All in all, business leaders are considerably influenced by moral philosophies and codes of ethics. These help them to navigate their companies successfully and to reach their aims. Leaders who know how to make mindful decision in the globalized world will have many stable foreign partners and long term relationships. This paper demonstrates that an idealist business leader is optimistic in his goals and will put a lot of efforts in order to reach a goal. On the contrary, a realist leader will critically analyze the situation and then make a decision. In modern world, it is very crucial to have personal moral philosophy that will guide and establish a core set of rules and values for the company and bring success.

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