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This report is in relation to an earlier request to revise company’s Power Equipment Disciplinary Policy document to an appealing and resourceful form.  The report has throughout elucidated the facts which make inferences and clearly convey the message it was intended for while identifying the underlying problems.  The necessary revision has been analyzed in the document to enable it to be concise and precise to intended audience. The formats in which the document appears needs to be changed to an attractive texture convey the message to the audience as intended. Review of the necessary changes in the documents design, graphic, and format have been finalized. The graphic, format and content of the document calls for change, as this report has discussed all the necessary changes. This will enhance the clearly convey the message, and in a manner that all the stakeholders of the company understand. The discussions are in regard to changes that the document entails in relation graphics, format and content are discussed critically.

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Deficiencies in the document

The document lacks theme, which is the primary aspect to attract an audience in order to get an idea of the document intentions. The theme used for this document is neutral, as it can not attract attention effectively. Thus, it is impossible for the document to attract the audience it is intended for. Theme is an imperative factor that enhances the effectiveness of the document to attract an audience, and to efficiently convey the intended message. The theme must conform to the message, as theme adds strength to the message. The document lacks graphic attractiveness, which enhances the audience to interpret the massage contained therein in a manner intended without different interpretation. The theme of a document can become more powerful when integrated with the message to be conveyed.  

The wording in the document is unattractive and they lack the aspect of preciseness. The content in the words needs to be short and to the point rather than a large text whose meaning is slim. The lay out of the document’s test is mixed in a way that generalizes the message.   The text must be separated in a way that the safety precautions should be an independent group from the definitions of the various degrees of incidents. The document contains safety precautions and a warning note by which together they have been created by use of same dull color. The precaution measures text should not share the same color with a warning text. The color of the warning note needs to be sharp and appealing to attract the audience while conveying the message of consequences of negligence. Color is a major component that is capable of conveying the tone of the message, and the resulting action taken due to negligence. The color use to explain the necessary procedures in the work place needs to be appealing to the audience to enhance understanding of the message theme. The color that depicts the consequences of negative action needs to be conveying the message in the sense that the severity to actions resulting to hazards due to negligence of the workers is clearly understood.

The document layout requires it being in a manner that fact stated must be independent. The statements in the document have a thin separation from one another as required. Separation of heading from the meaning statement must be precise by using different fonts of the body and the heading. The sub-heading seems like the normal message that fall under one heading of the safety policy.  The sub-headings lack strong meaning to be elaborated by the description of its statement.

The text, which is used to convey the message intention, is incoherent making the message be ambiguous. Instead of communicating the message in a coherent manner that will make the audience understand fully, the message will be interpreted differently rather than what it is intended to communicate. Different size and styles of font depict the message of each type of font. Fonts which state the message should be bold and large as they convey the intention of the message before reading the descriptions contained therein in relation to the heading. The theme of the message is enhanced by using different font as each font has its own meaning to the audience, and the resulting consequences of failure to follow safety procedures.


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