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1. A brief synopsis of the significant learning experience from formal study

The Bachelors of Science (Hons) Nursing Studies program seeks to offer a skilled education that meets the prerequisite for admittance to Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The program aims to develop students capable and fit for practice of nursing and provide them with necessary skills based on this level of education. It also facilitates the acquisition of skills, values, attitudes and conducts which strengthen clinical decision making and effective nursing practice. The program facilitates the development of students’ understanding of professional accountability and administration in health and social care sector. The program also facilitates students in building up knowledge and ability to understand the nursing discipline.

The mode of learning used is through lectures backed up by seminars, where students can examine the applications of the factual materials and their relevance to the discipline. The use of Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) and application of scenarios is the practical approach to learning in nursing. This approach instils students with necessary skills such as team working and group efforts. The students research on solutions and present the findings, which equip them with decisions making and presentation skills and make the students appreciate the real life applications. The program incorporates self and peer assessments, which enable students to identify weakness in their knowledge and develop, work plans to deal with these shortfalls. Practical scenarios revolve around patient care pathways that reflect the real life practice and gradually introduce students to complex situations.

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The key assessment methods employed in the program include examinations in pharmacology, drug calculation, and physiology. Essays and assignments are included with self-managed projects and case studies. The assessment methods are designed to assess students’ intellectual flexibility and readiness to learn new ideas and enterprise. The assessments are also aimed at examining student’s consistency and supported arguments. Students are also offered work that should be completed through the formation of groups. The instructor uses such group assignments to assess how the students would cooperate in a work environment.

2. Identify two significant work-related problems or issues of relevance to you in your work. This will include a written background of your work role and situation, a brief discussion of each problem / issue reflecting on the issues surrounding each of the problems, and identifying some of the choices that may be open to you and that you would like to explore

Working in a health clinic requires intervening in lives of families, and individuals to avoid a considerable health problem from occurring. This role makes social health care to cut across the population altitudes – from individuals to groups and communities – and many social care workers find this challenging. Working with different population levels requires working with a multi- disciplinary healthcare group. This poses the challenge of understanding different discipline professional requirements and issues. The multidisciplinary setup requires different case management and care coordination. Individual case identification and referral to appropriate services such as drug rehabilitation are also critical. The social healthcare worker also carries education and support services for individuals and groups such as diabetes education and domestic violence support services (Corrigan, 2005).

Health and social care career is people centred, and is supposed to offer the best and practical-social and medical solutions to the society. However, the functions of a health social carer are becoming more complex with the changing of the social and health dynamics. A health social worker needs to be educated to solve complex functions that overlap between health and social issues. The school course work is not always adequate in addressing these practical requirements (Labonte & Schrecker, 2004). Parenting, adolescence, and pregnancy are gaining prominence calling for revision of social healthcare course. Educational foundation contents such as chronic illness based on biological factors alone have to be revised. Schools that retain the long-term, individual and family oriented approaches to practical applications are restricting health social care realities in modern days.

In order to face the challenges in social healthcare, access to information is critical in making informed decisions and service delivery to individuals and groups. Proper and unlimited information can help to a health social care worker cope with the challenges of the day to day working. Accessibility of information affects the uptake and results of choice, thus equal utilization of available services. In exercising informed choices, a social healthcare professional requires information that is understandable, relevant and high quality. Quality and dependable information help social worker to assist patients with important and accurate information such as entitlements, medications, and advance directives. It also influences in assessing and helping in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Poor information limits the effectiveness of even a well-trained social worker (Labonte & Schrecker, 2004).

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All health and social care workers require a good level of relevant information at their disposal to discharge the duties effectively. Lack of or inadequate information in social care is counter-productive. Many people in need of social care are not often aware of the available information on their cases. A social care giver who has no adequate information will probably guide a client using the information they have always used to inform their choices (Corrigan, 2005). This means people seeking help are excluded from the information available to help their situations. Availability of relevant and sufficient information is essential to the health social care givers as are the persons seeking help from them.

3. Identify your objectives with regard to improving Work situation/s. This section should include clearly written objectives, the support you need from the Action learning Set (and elsewhere) to help you achieve these objectives and the measures of your success

The objectives to improve work situation of a health social care include support and encourage participation by all in access to the resources, services, and rights available (Ambrosino, 2008). This objective is aimed at ensuring the resources available are fully utilised for the benefit of the intended people. This objective is especially related to the making available of relevant information to all workers in a workstation. The management should assist in making the information readily available as and when needed. The information should be regularly updated to reflect the changing dynamics of social care. The staff is supposed to contribute and support the optimum utilization of available resources.

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Preventing the risk of exclusion is ensuring that the community is aware of the social care services available, and that they can seek the services whenever they want (Backer et al., 2005). The health and social care should be delivered in a safe, efficient, and a cost-effective way. Improving the health and social welfare of the community is the main principle in this objective. To achieve this objective, the relevant bodies, both public and private, should play their roles effectively for the community to appreciate the importance of seeking the social healthcare services. The community sensitization of the need these services and their right to the services and information available are some of the support the relevant bodies can offer (Corrigan, 2005).

The social healthcare is to a large extent a service for the low income earners in society. These are the most venerable men, women and children who, because of their limited access to information, are not able to make informed decisions on health and social related matters. The services of social healthcare should ensure their human rights are not violated because of their lack of information. This group is also more exposed to health threatening conditions due to their lack of adequate resources than those who have enough resources. The relevant bodies such as environmental organizations should advice the communities, especially the less fortunate, the danger of being exposed to health risk conditions. When the vulnerable members of the society are appropriately informed, they are more empowered to seek help or redress from the health and social care service (Kovner, & Knickman, 2011).

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To make the community appreciate the available services, it is important to mobilise all the relevant bodies in around the communities to reach out to more people. Whenever an issue is advocated from different organization, the level of awareness and response increases tremendously. This is especially important for referring cases among the different organization. The support that other bodies can give is based on the understanding that, to achieve individual goals, each organization needs the support and goodwill of the others.


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