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According to health practioners whether the effects of the vaccination has long time or short time effects, it has substantial impact in public health. The vaccine has dramatic effect on the health of women around the world. Both men and women are carriers of HPV. In order to eradicate these strains there is a need for the vaccination to be carried out. Studies conducted in regard to HPV vaccine reveal that the screening program of Gardasil is more cost effective than screening alone. This has necessitated many countries to start this vaccination. For example Canada spent $ 300 million in buying HPV vaccine in 2008. This is after the government realized that the vaccine has economic benefit especially by vaccinating women. The vaccine has a potential to enhance adolescents health and improve their future health (Hoskins & Perez, 2005).

The move by the society to make HPV vaccine compulsory has caused a lot of debate. The religious conservatives argue that the availability of the vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease works against absistence based prevention campaigns. The society goes against the values and religious beliefs by making a child go through this vaccination.People should be independent in regard to their health issues. The intrusion of the society to make legislation for compulsory HPV vaccination is against the rights of individuals. People should be left to decide whether they should receive HPV vaccination.

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The society should take its role as a source of education to good behaviors among the young people. Cultural values of the society should mode the young people to have appropriate sexual behaviors that would prevent them being infected with this illness. The society has a great role that it is supposed to play in developing good values that respect personal decisions. It is the right of the people to make their own personal decisions in regard to this vaccine. People may interpret the legislation of the rule to make it mandatory for HPV vaccination as a way of legalizing any sexual behavior in the society. They may feel that the vaccine is a path way to start engaging in sexual activities. As I had mentioned earlier this notion is dangerous if it is allowed to develop in the mentality of the people because it may cause also of sexual immorality. As a result prevalence of other sexually transmitted diseases which are not prevented by this vaccine may rise in the society.

As can be seen from the paper the various views that are put forward by the two opposing sides have their strong points that they address. There is a need for the society to look critically at the two sides and reflect on the views. Moral and the religious issues which arise regarding HPV vaccine cannot be ignored. This is because a society which does not focus on its moral values has high chances of decaying. On the other hand, the medical side of the argument still cannot be ignored. This is because their views are aimed at improving public health. This works in developing a healthy society. The most important thing is for the two opposing sides to come up in a platform develop a way forward. Good health status of the society is important as is its moral and religious values. This is because these values act as the foundation of the society.

The society should look at the side which has more impacts. There should be a balance between the health of the society and in regard to the moral and religious values of the society. This is the controversy that surrounds HPV vaccine. It is the same controversy that surrounds other health issue that relate to moral and religious issues, for example, the issues that surround abortion. This calls for sobriety of mind when tackling the issues. There is also need for the opposing groups to accommodate each others views.


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