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In the evolving health care industry it is important to refresh your knowledge to keep up with the new devices in technology being invented daily. Training and development in healthcare are vital for many varied reasons.  Such as in hospitals, testing facilities and therapy centers all require employees to be skilled in certain fields as well as in administration.  This paper will discuss the importance of measurement of competency in the health care system, and why evaluating and tracking of training and education are vital factors to carry out the mission of a health care organization.  Every health care organization should provide regular skill training to employees for better patient care outcomes.  

Training and development in healthcare are very vital for many different reasons. This is because of the diverse places that healthcare workers do their job. Hospitals, testing facilities and therapy centers – all require employees skilled in certain duties as well as in administration of these centers. Employees need require interpersonal skills so as to serve patients better, deal with their health and financial problems. To develop training programs in a medical sense involves doing it on the job (on job training) for office purposes, which will contribute to profitability of the practice. However, this will depend on the size of the office as this can be done by experienced employees who will explain the front office processes, how to keep records and insurances involved. For smaller offices, they may require paper records and thus the need for accurate filing will not only be the most important job, but also a tedious one. Bigger offices may require electronic record keeping, but this will come with added knowledge of computer expertise (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2010).

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When it comes to working in the health care field, education is very important. Education on language skills is important as it helps an individual to communicate whatever they need to pass across. Communication skills will help health care workers to pass important messages to the patients, fellow workers and their managers. Communication skills also allow employees to successfully state their ideas and goals. Mathematical skills will allow employees to do basic mathematical calculations like in calculating or in counting medical supplies or dosages (Santiago, 2011).

Most organizations require that employees have certain minimum levels of education and in health care employees need to go to schools specializing in health care. This is because of evolving use of technology, policies, equipments and some several procedures that need to be carried in health care centers. Health care centers offer development programs that permit employees to further their education and thus allowing them to keep up with evolving technology and the many procedures that are to be followed. Education thus will allow the employees to do their job properly and thus provide the best medical care to their patients.


The HR department will have to look at different types of services that are needed by a health care center to decide on the type of development and training programs that are needed. The HR department thus determines the type of training the health care employees need depending on the team, their skills, communication abilities, customer services, and retraining needed. Skills training happen when an employee obtains precise knowledge to carry out certain tasks. The material can come in different ways like in job aid that comes to employees when they are meant to make decisions on a certain specific job. Gomez-Mejia asserts that another essential training practice in health care is the cross-functional training that will allow workers to learn other job requirements that are outside their usual job requirements. He further says that that when employees are cross-examined, they are made to be more valuable to the health care center, become flexible and more versatile. They also insist in cross-examining say it helps break an employee’s monotony and burnout as this will add variety to the day (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2010).

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Gomez-Mejia further asserts that in health care, team training is vital and is an obligation that should be fulfilled. This is because many departments in healthcare work together as a team to ensure a successful completion of a task. Doctors, nurses and other staff should ensure that they have team structure through trust and good communication skills among them. This involves two team operations content duties and group processes. Content tasks will relate to the goals of the team and in the health care scenario that will represent caring of patients. Group process will involve how each team members will function in it. This will include how they will work together not only to solve issues arising, but coming up with solutions that will present better health care for their patients. Educational training will thus come in handy in teaching the employees how to communicate with each other as working with teams will involve communicating with each other very often. Literate employees in health care sector are important as they are needed to read charts, manuals, medical records and also be able to fill out important information correctly. An illiterate person employed as a medical staff will thus cause harm to patients by misreading information from patients’ records or from the doctor (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2010).

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Customer service in the part of employees is quiet important as the medical staff should posses the knowledge and skills to meet and even exceed a patient’s expectations. Customer service skills allow the medical staff to know how to talk to their patients in a professional way and be able to listen to them as well. If treated badly by the medical staff, patients may leave the facility for a different health center and this could be bad publicity for that particular health center. This may make them loose business (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2010).


Competency of employees will be identified by the employees’ knowledge, skills, behaviors and ability on the kind of services they will offer their customers. Competency can be improved, enhanced and measured through coaching and learning in the job. By comparing performance against that of other employees, one can measure his/her competency. This will benefit the organization as well as the employees who will improve their skills and plan to work on their career paths.

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Tracking and Evaluating

A training and development department should be used by an organization to track and evaluate effectiveness of employee training. Current and new employees should be trained and the organization will be able to track the effectiveness of the training department through Key Performance Indicators. KPI will thus track employee’s performance helping improve the progress of employees in achieving organization’s objectives (Lilly, 2010).


The paper has discussed how training and education are vital to the success of employees in the health care sector. Training and education in health care are imperative and necessary for the medical staff, patients and the organization. Employees need to be aware of their job purposes and carry it out effectively as this will benefit the patients and ensure that they receive the best care. Employees will benefit by developing their careers, organization by having a skilled pool of professionals and patients by receiving best health care services. The organization, however, needs to follow up employee training to ensure that they are effective on whatever they were trained on. As health care continues to grow, training, education, tracking and evaluating of medical staff is very important and will form the bedrock of better services for patients than what it is today. However, health care organizations need to develop their training programs in order to persuade employees to supplement their education and thus be able to provide the best possible health care for patients as well as increase profits for their institutions. 


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