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Turner Syndrome

Children with Turner Syndrome always show discrepancy between their short statures on psychosocial adaptation and chronological age. These children may also be affected by the misperception by their peers such as the fear of being teased (Ollendick and Schroeder, 2007). They may also be disturbed by their body image, as well as, poor self perception. These may be associated with psychosocial stress that may subject them to risk of psychosocial adaptation. However, these children may be affected by self consciousness due to lack of other secondary sexual characteristics experienced by their peers; hence, avoid certain activities accordingly. Furthermore, regarding the achievement milestones, there is evidence that they may occur to such children at a later stage. (Ollendick and Schroeder, 2007).

According to Bondy CA; Turner Syndrome Study, Group (2007), a child suffering from Turner syndrome has just one functioning X chromosome, unlike other normal children. They have a short stature and suffer failure to begin puberty normally and experience their initial monthly period. Most of children with Turner syndrome are unusually small at birth, but the growth become normal until they reach three years old (Ollendick and Schroeder, 2007). Later they have a decrease in their growth rate which is less than the usual six centimeters per year. They also have short stature when compared to their age mates.

To provide assistance to children with Turner syndrome or their families, a therapist should be available to provide counseling. This is an essential tool that enables these children to develop healthy ways in order to cope with their psychosocial problems. Both family members and the affected child should take part in learning and should decide when it should commence.


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