Law Enforcement in the United States

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Question 1

The structure of the US Government is set up, in a way that the political authority is divided into three independent branches. The three branches are the executive, judiciary and legislative. The responsibility of legislative branch is to enact the laws and govern the funds required to run the government. The executive branch is involved in the implementation and administration of the policies that have been funded by the legislature. The judiciary branch interprets the Constitution and the law and applies the interpretation. The significance of the separation of these bodies is to ensure that either of the bodies does not have exceeding power from the other.

Question 2

Through the Elastic clause as per the Constitution, the Congress enables one to pass unspecified laws that they deem necessary and proper to exercise the expressed powers. The implied powers in the past have been considered controversial. The power of the Congress has grown over time due to the increase in activities of the Government. It is, therefore, important to have the doctrine of implied powers in consideration as far as the legislative enactments of the Congress are concerned (Paynich).

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Question 3

The term political subdivision refers to separate entities, such as cities, counties, towns and even villages, which have been bestowed authority to perform specific Government functions. The contribution of the political subdivision in policing the agency is ensuring that specific Government functions are enacted.

Question 4

The advantage of having many law enforcement agencies contrarily to consolidating all their functions into one agency is to improve their effectiveness. The agency deals with every conceivable specialty. Each state has a number of law enforcement agencies. The disadvantage of having numerous law enforcement agencies is that, at times, they conflict over interest of certain cases. Each body deems that they have superior rights to intervene on certain cases without the involvement of the other law enforcement body.

Question 5

Specific police authority involves duties of maintaining the traffic code, wildlife, and narcotics laws. The authority of these officers is restricted to the place they work. General police authority, on the other hand, exercises their duties without major restrictions. They act as enforcers of the law on any level (Paynich).

Question 6

Majority of the law enforcement agencies are related. However, each performs a specific set of duties. Due to the relation of the agencies, there are some whose duties conflict. The structure of the Government and the placement of the federal agency in it hinders the agencies from performing their best work.

Question 7

The concept of law enforcement is quite broad. It is more than what majority of people perceive to be in an attempt to obtain compliance with the already set rules and regulations. It involves what seems to be a convoluted system involving numerous law enforcement agencies. The term policing, for example, entails the investigation, prevention, detection and the prosecution of a crime.

Question 8

Looking from the history of policing, numerous changes have occurred with the formation of various law enforcement agencies in an attempt to counter new threats in the society. The introduction of secret service, for example, after losing the President through assassination, a counter-terrorism agency to counter emerging threats of terror was created. Most of the policies in the law enforcement were established, as a result of the history event (Paynich).

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Question 9

Classical management has a number of benefits that make the theory applicable and commendable. One of the advantages is its hierarchical structure. The hierarchical structure is quite clear with each group having its own responsibility. Other benefits include division of labor, autocratic leadership, and monetary incentives whereby employees are rewarded with monetary value. The limitations of the theory include the reliance of experience, and untested assumptions. The theory fails to consider that there are informal organizations and also tends to focus on the idea that humans are like machines.

Question 10

Among the advantages of modern organization structure is that top-level managers have the supreme control. It means that the time to make a strategically good decision is short. The disadvantage of having such a structure is that it discourages innovation in the organization. Employees in this structure may feel unsatisfied with their job.

Question 11

The things that motivate people working in the law enforcement sector include the feeling that they are offering service to the community. They assist people in making better decisions, and enable them to overcome everyday challenges. The law enforcement sector has a chance to save people’s lives. In the field, badges of honor for lives saved could motivate the law enforcers to continue good performance during their day to day work.

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Question 12

Stress in the law enforcement is divided into categories. First, it is stress originating from outside the organization. Secondly, it is stress originating inside the organization. Third, it is stress in the work itself. Forth, it is the stress originating from personal stress of an officer. Stress from within the organization may be caused by the demand of the work an officer is engaged in.

Question 13

Leadership is the ability of social influence, with which one can make people achieve a common goal. To become a leader, a person has to have the qualities that make them influential and effective. It includes competency, inspiration, confidence, belief in colleagues, participation and ability to motivate.

Question 14

Characteristics and belief of contemporary management organization theory include delegating work, coaching and mentoring people and working on career development. Contemporary management gives an integrative experience at the work place. The workers are able to learn the essence of communication in an organization and hence adopt the trait.


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