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This play tells of a story of a father named Willy who was very stressed as a result of much struggle with his son Biff. In the play we see a father who is struggling and his mind is full of the past and the present happenings. Personally Willy views himself as a person who is liked and respected by many people. His positive thoughts seem to be overshadowed by his past experiences and that is the reason for his frequent contradiction and negative feelings. For example when his wife Linda appreciates him for his good performance Willy fails to respond accordingly. At home it’s apparently clear that everyone is conscious of the needs and desire of Willy except his older son Biff. This is seen when Biff tries to pick a quarrel with is father though his mother and brother Happy intervenes in time. Biff is a ware of his fathers many issues and that is why when he gets any opportunity to speak up or express his dissatisfaction he tries to use it (Bigsby 2).

The main problem about Willy is his past and present thoughts which Linda his wife and Happy helps him to hold back. ‘Death of a salesman’ generally talks about the death of a man. The salesman who is the main character in the story has dreams and aspirations which fail to come true. Due to his complicated life Willy keeps thinking of his past experiences because of the drastic change from a successful businessman to a difficult life. He often have flash backs about the life he had, before things began to change. For example the mistress, luxurious life and the way he would meet his family needs without much struggles. Willy, a man of many aspirations, dreams of his son’s success and tries to live a life on the basis of what it’s supposed to be instead of what life its (Bigsby 101).

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The thing that was of great value to Willy was to be liked by many people though that is not exactly what happened. The challenges and changes that happened around him hindered his dreams. His lifestyle of travelling and selling changed much as he grew older. The change in age came with many unanticipated surprises like accumulation of bills and struggle to survive. The sudden change of things caused much toil and worry to Willy. Willy struggles a lot in order to keep his former lifestyle as well as the perspective of things which are not. The salesman is very desperate as the truth of life dawns on him about his continued inability to progression and doing of things the way he is used to.

The man is greatly hallucinated and this is visible when he fails to fix his car. This becomes a major challenge since he needs the car to go around his businesses. His frustrations are vividly clear as he blames the car for the inability to get enough money to settle all his bills. His failure in life makes him to resolve to a lie in order to cope with the happenings in his life and family. Although Willy realizes that his abilities cannot help much in getting the lifestyle he yarns for, he continues to ignore this truth and that is why he lives a lie. Willy looks very irresponsible when he blames the car for all his misfortunes and unfulfilled dreams. Desperation sets in with time when he fails to keep lying to himself and the people around him.

He comes to term with his condition too late when he realizes that his aspirations and dreams have been passed with time as well as the dreams that he had for Biff of enrolling to the university. These frustrations increases when he realizes that his son Biff cannot keep a job for at least a couple of weeks since he cannot take any kind of orders from anyone even his boss. It becomes hard for Willy to further ignore the truth and as a result he humbles himself after realizing that he has not planted anything therefore, there can be nothing to reap. This is seen when he opts to put his seed in the soil at an odd hour. The character of Willy in the novel reflects on a person who overlooks others and thinks to himself that, other people can never do anything worth while. Though Willy is overbearing and competitive he chose to seek for that which is ideal and cannot be found in true since. He wanted to leave a legacy of being the greatest salesman that ever lived and as a result he lost his dignity over his son Biff. The relationship between the father and the son is very tense what is not meant to be, the son does not respect his father because of his wild imaginations and dreams that cannot be comprehended (Miller 45).

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Willy cannot be said to be a hero though it may not be right to call him pathetic because he only have great visions and aspirations. He simply desired to be more than he could. He worked at what he wanted to be though things didn’t go the way he expected and as a result he became more illusion and frustrated. He had a longing for love and acceptance which he didn’t get at home as well as work. Other people view him as a hero despite of all the things and challenges that he faced. The relationship with his wife and children was not the best and that is the reason that made him look for acceptance and love in other things (Miller 56).


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