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Gandalf is one of the main characters of the story “The Lord of the Rings”. He has a human shape, acts for the good and helps all beings and people to create good deeds. Gandalf is wise and fair. The character always helps, learns and helps out. He is the wizard and the wandering old man with a staff.

Gandalf possesses magic powers beyond those of other characters. He occasionally uses a magic staff and he has an ability to appear and to disappear at his will. He was Bilbo’s grandfather’s friend on the Took side. He is quite old and respected for his wisdom. He was trusted to safe keep the map and the key to the Lonely Mountain by Thorin’s grandfather.

Gandalf said: “I have many names in the different countries. Mitrandir among elves, Tarkun among gnomes; in the youth, long ago, in the forgotten West, I was Olorin, in the south — Inkanus, in the north — Gandalf, and in the east I do not happen.”

Gandalf’s role in“The Hobbit”is most important because it was him who persuaded Bilbo to start the adventurous trip with the dwarves as he knew that Bilbo was the very essential hero in the story who would cause the death of Smaug.

As for the appearance and character of Gandalf, Tolkein described him as: “On the old man there was a high peaked hat, a long gray raincoat, a silvery scarf, enormous black boots”, and he also had a long, white beard lower than his belt. This character is very live and uneasy, likes to arrange fireworks. He travels a lot, enjoys looking for adventures. He presented to one of the hobbits magic cuff links which clasped themselves.

Gandalf had a magic staff which was lighting up with blue fire on the end. Having used light of this staff, gnomes could pass through dark caves of angry goblins. Gandalf could set a fire and drive away terrible wolves - wargs.

Gandalf was one of the organizers of the trip for a group of gnomes led by Torin Duboshchit, who Bilbo Beggins joined at his insistence, to the mountain Erebor, described in the story “Hobbit”. It took part in the beginning of the trip and battled in the Fight of Five Troops against goblins and vargis. Shortly before it, following the instructions of Saruman, he secretly got into Dol-Guldur castle where he saw the captured, dying king of gnomes Train. “Do we really have to go through [Mirkwod]?" groaned the hobbit. “Yes, you do!” said the wizard, “if you want to get to the other side. You must either go through or give up your quest. There are no safe paths in this part of the world.”

Gandalf involved the main character, Hobbit Bilbo, in a surprising adventure and forced him to participate in a trip of gnomes to the Lonely Mountain. There lived the Dragon who had stolen gold of gnomes many years ago. Gandalf himself appeared only in the most critical minutes of the adventure and helped the heroes to get out of trouble.

I think Gandalf proved to be the leader, worthy the greatest respect. Gandalf said: “True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one”. I consider that Gandalf is the only wise man who was interested in Hobbits, he is always ready to help in the most critical moments. In all cases Gandalf always successfully applied the magic staff in the required time. He said, “True courage is not about knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one”.


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