George Abbott

George Abbott is one of the most reputable directors, play writer in the USA theater the productions. Born in 1887 he wrote his first play in 1910 while he was still a university student at Rochester collage. He made his Broadway debut in 1913 in the production of “The Misleading lady” where he was casted as a drunken college student. He produced his first play in 1926 titled “Bless You Sister.” He produced over one hundred productions in Broadway before dying in 1995.his immense contribution in theater production has seen him win six tony awards, a Pulitzer in 1976 .he is responsible for the introduction of tightly integrated fast passed style

Unlike George Abbott who was trained as a thespian David Merrick trained as a lawyer and left the legal profession in 1940 to become a theater producer. Renowned for his planks and practical jokes for publicity of his work David Merrick won a number of awards in his career including tony awards, and in most cases, he held multiple nominations implying that he was his own competition. He was born in 1911 and died in 2001, his publicity stunts made his production successful on Broadway.Cameron Mackintosh, on the other hand was born in Enfield UK, and he attended park collage. He started his theater career in the royal theater where he was a stagehand before he started managing production. His 1981 production of a musical “cats” by Lloyd Webber made him famous as it went on to become one of longest running production. The musical was a success both in Europe and America. He differs from Abbott in that Abbot was an actor before turning into production while Macintosh started as a stage hand before becoming a producer. One main difference between the three producers is that George Abbott was an actor while Merrick started by performing tasks for the productions as assistance. Cameron Mackintosh trained and worked in the legal field before joining the theater production and become famous for his publicity stunts that were meant to put his production in the limelight. A tactic that worked very well for his productions and attracted a lot of attention.

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Off -Broadway movement was started in 1956 as a response to what was perceived as commercialization of theater productions on Broadway locking out new talent and production since the resources for Broadway productions kept on rising. The movement describes production of performances in small theaters with a capacity of less than five hundred individuals in an audience. Off Broadway productions are cheaper because the performers are paid less and production costs lower .The movement has been responsible for exposing new talents and introducing cheaply produced theater productions.


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