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Modes of Writing

The difference in writing of men and women has been of great concern to most critics. There are those who argue that gender has nothing to do with one writing while others argue that it does. Those who hold that one’s gender does not affect his or her writing argue that one’s writing is affected by his society, life’s impression and experiences. They have therefore argued that it is pointless to try differentiating the writings of men from women. It is only important to acknowledge that women’s interests differ from those of men (Johnson-Davies 112). This is due to the differences in psychological and social circumstances.

Women in most societies have not been allowed to express their thoughts. They are restricted unlike their male counterparts. This is an argument made by Yusuf Idris who believes that there is a big difference between female and male writing. He is impressed that women are able to fight through different means in ensuring that they are heard. Most individual have argued that the main difference that exists between female writing and male writing is the use of first person. This style is important because it helps in eyewitness accounting. There are those who argue that this form presents disadvantages to female writing. Readers and critics tend to assume that use of first-person pronoun mainly refers to the author and not the character. It is due to this that they regard women’s work as fictional and self revelations (Johnson-Davies 93). This can create great controversies to the author especially in instances where she is addressing sensitive matters. Nura Amin is an example who had problems due to her writing. When she tried addressing issues concerning lesbianism everyone despised her by assuming that she was talking about her personal experiences. In order to avoid these problems most female authors try to use gender ambiguity.  This is perfectly illustrated by Suhayr in her work entitled The Gallows.

 Another technique that female writers in Daylas anthology tried avoid pronoun problems was by applying different techniques in narration. Use of a protagonist was used in most stories. The Collapse of Barriers is an example of a story that uses this technique. One can also combine different techniques in the same writing (M%u012Bnah 16).. For instance use of third-person speaker and interior monologue. Female writers from Arab have continued to perfect their experience and craft in writing by new forms of narration and expression. It is through their creativity that most women have ben able to excel in the field of writing. An example of this is Salwa Bakrs the writer of a story entitled International Women’s Day. She has skillfully used intersexuality in her work. Arab women writers are still remembered all over the world as individuals who have contributed greatly to the well being of Modern Arabic Literature (Johnson-Davies 212). This literature grows each passing day in form, content and volume due to their contribution.


The approach of male and female authors towards the women’s issues is different. This difference is due to the individual’s experience, social interaction and culture. Most cultures try to bring out men to the society as being superior to women. This superiority is clearly defined in most of the literature created by men and women. Men tend to base their works on the stereotypes about the role of women in the society. In addition, the challenges that women are facing are being rarely discussed by male authors. It is due to this that most female authors have been termed as feminists. Male authors usually face a grate challenge in addressing the women issues in their writings. This is due to gender identity. The society expects men to be different from women in all forms. This is the reason why men who try to write their works centering on women are considered to be weak. Women are faced with different challenges in the world. These challenges include abandonment, divorce, rape and discrimination. Among the Arabs, women are expected to be submissive to their husbands. The Arab culture dictates men to be superior to women; therefore, they have the role of controlling and protecting them. Religion is seen as a major contributor to most challenges that women are facing in the Muslim society. Women have tried to express the need for the equal opportunities in the society with the help of writing different kinds of literature.


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