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“Out of Nowhere” is a fictional novel that was authored by Gerard Whelan and is made up of 240 pages. The genre of this novel is a fantasy one marred by supernatural elements .This novel is about a boy called Stephen who on waking up finds himself in a stone –built room. Surprisingly, he suffers a memory lapse and knows nothing about himself. He realizes that he is not alone in the room but in company of a group of monks in an isolated monastery. Outside the monastery, it seems there are no traces of life but out of the blues, some strange men with unnatural powers arrive; men who turn around everything he ever believed. Kirsten, another character in the novel, is also a victim of the same predicament. “Out of Nowhere” is not for the faint hearted as it is a thriller with many twists and turns that invites one to keep on flipping the pages. This essay intends to analytically look at the structure of the novel and how it supports the overall theme of this gemstone.

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This novel is divided into 5 units with the first unit displaying a mysterious situation; the consequent units develop the plot of the story while the last helps us to comprehend the events as they unfold. The phrase, “the world as you know it no longer exists” at the front cover of the book is captivating and arouses an eerie feeling. It creates an image of what to expect from the novel.

Another structural style that draws one to the novel is the font used on the title. The word ‘Out’ is not clearly printed hence creating the atmosphere of uncertainties. Stephen answers the abbot’s question by saying he does not “know a single thing” about himself (Whelan p.13) while Kirsten later laments that “the past is gone away.”(Whelan p.19).These two phrases are an allusion that creates the general feeling of frustration, confusion and fear that one experiences if he or she discovers that they have forgotten some vital aspects of information.

Furthermore, the author uses a style that brings out vivid pictures in the readers mind: Descriptive writing. Whelan (p.25) describes the old man who moves in crazy circles as “a big old stick of a man with a gaunt face and raggy white hair that shone silver in the moonlight.”This nitty gritty description makes one to not only sympathize with the old man but also paints a picture of an insane individual who is scary. The first unit on one hand uses the third person narrative which is straight forward and introduces the characters while the second unit transits to the first person signifying the commencement of a thrilling action.

Moreover, another style in the sentence structure is cliffhanger which emerges as unit two reaches its climax. It goes, “The man in the front seat had no head,” (Whelan p.102) which leaves one with anxiety and an urge to keep on finding out the next twist of events. Generally, this novel also tries to elucidate the importance of a name which codifies ones reputation. Stephen questions the value of a name when told that Kirsten was another case of amnesia. He reflects,” What was a name worth on its own, anyway? It was only a couple of words-it didn’t make up a whole person.”(Whelan p.19).

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In conclusion, the aforementioned elements of structural support like descriptive writing, cliffhanger and title font supports the thesis of this essay which was to analytically look at the structure and how it supports the overall theme of the novel.


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