Selecting Sources of Literature

1) Solving nursing shortages: a common priority.

There are various causes of shortage of nurses. They include the following: lack of proper workforce planning, inadequate mechanisms, poor recruitment, poor incentive structures, insufficient career support, and low supply of new staff as well as poor policies regarding retention of the staff (Hajbaghery, 2004). The study statistically analyses some of the nursing policies affecting Japan, Europe among other developed countries. The article does not give any example of mortality or any other effect of shortage of nurses on the general population. The problem of shortage of nurses can be addressed by providing positive staffing environment and using the most perfect clinical practice thus supporting the proposed change.


2) Factors that influence the decisions of men and women nurses to leave nursing.

The major reasons are associated with availability of better positions in terms of salaries, convenience of working hours as well as rewarding professions in other areas. The statistics shows that there are about 2.5 times more men than that of women (Asadi et al., 2004). They consider non-nursing professions more rewarding. The change shows that men and women have different  attitudes towards issues related to finance. The article supports the proposed change of providing more conducive working environment.

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3) Job insecurity and staff anxiety putting standards of care at risk.

Standards of health care have been reduced due nursing insecurity and anxiety. This increases pressure on the working team. As a result, quality of services reduces. Mortality and incidence rates rise due to the of poor job performance. This has resulted in continuing fall of nurses every year (Hajbaghery, 2004). Maintaining high quality services and care is the goal of any health care. If job insecurity and anxiety are removed, more people are likely to be attracted in the profession.

4) Still making progress to improve the hospital workplace environment? Results from the 2008 National Survey of Registered Nurses.

The survey indicates improvement in nursing. This involves positive changes in the time spent with patients, quality of nursing and decreased shortage of nurses. Communication had also increased, less time spent waiting for surgery and overall efficiency. The proposed change is promising, as the efforts to improve working place have influenced the profession positively.

5) Nursing staff shortages and job satisfaction in Iran: issues and challenges.

Shortage and lack of job satisfaction in Iran has been as a result of the following factors; lack of adequate staffing, low salary and job insecurity, lack of nursing aides during recruitment, participation in decision making as well creation of participative environment (Gonzalez, 2005). In 2008, there were about 90,000 nurses in the health care system. Due to stringent recruitment policies, the number of nurses had decreased despite the fact that the health care in Iran needs approximately 220,000 nurses today.  The proposed change is supported in that health care system must revise their recruitment policies.

6) Strategies to attract prospective students to the nursing profession.

Prospective students can be attracted into the profession of nursing through several means such as increasing salary and benefits, giving more career options to women, reducing the number of working hours, improving working environment, providing continued education, enhancing work performance assessment and offering events to facilitate their recognition (Asadi et al., 2004). The article also provides some of the statistics concerning recruitment of new graduates according to surveys conducted in 2004 by RNs. The proposed change of developing the profession of nursing to attract the graduates is a good move to curb the shortage of nurses.

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7) A critical review of the nursing shortage in Malaysia.

The shortage of nurses in Malaysia has been addressed by doubling the nursing workforce. This has resulted in increase in domestic supply of nurses who are recruited from the new graduates. Thus, unprecedented number of graduates has entered the profession to address the shortage. This has raised the incidence rate. Another measure adopted has been retention of the already experienced staff. These proposed changes have played a critical role in addressing issue of shortage of nurses.

8) Nurses’ intention to leave the profession: integrative review

Through an integrated review, some of nurses intentions to leave the profession include the following; demographic , ability to care for the patients, quality of health care as well as variables related to individuals and the work situations. However, this article does not give us the statistics of the number of nurses who wish to leave because of these factors. Some nurses intend to leave the profession for personal reasons (Hajbaghery, 2004). The change can be achieved by improving health care sector.

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9) Situational and dispositional predictors of nurse manager burnout: a time-lagged analysis.

This situation has threatened the health of both the nurses and their patients. The major causes of this burnout include imbalance in rewarding and evaluation as well as situational and dispositional variables. The study entails some of the statistics done in a period of one year in terms of variance. For instance, the effort reward imbalance was about beta 0.371. The proposed change can be achieved enhancing nursing management and foster positive health (Asadi et al., 2004).

10) Workplace empowerment, job satisfaction, and job stress among Italian mental health nurses: an exploratory study.


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