Free «The Heart has its Reasons» Essay Sample

The Heart has its Reasons

Throughout the years human’s heart and mind have been struggling in an invincible fight to prove which one is stronger. Some people rely on their mind while making decisions, and some trust their heart rejecting common sense. The first and the second do it for the only reason – to be happy.

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of" is one of the most prominent quotes of Blaise Pascal. He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father and became a great scientist, physicist, mathematician, and Catholic philosopher of the 17th century. He also designed a first calculating machine. Different people understand his words differently, and each of them finds peculiar meaning in these words.

This sentence confuses one’s psyche. No one knows whether it is right to obey one’s mind or to listen to one’s heart. While the decisions made under the influence of mind can be explained somehow, the decisions made under the influence of heart cannot be easily explained. It is one’s mind that makes their actions rational, while one’s heart makes them thoughtless.

Mind and heart being in a complete harmony with each other can provide a happy existence for a person. Unfortunately, this hardly ever happens. Heart symbolizes emotions and feelings which are not supported by mind since it needs argumentation and proofs. In some situations mind and heart simply run counter to one another, and their complete agreement is impossible. There are no set rules of how one needs to live, but human’s life is a sum of choices. A conflict in human’s psycho appears when one needs to make a choice between things. This is when mind and heart can have a conflict.

The meaning of the word “reason” in Pascal’s quote can be understood in different ways. In the first case, for example, when he speaks about heart, it can be understood as “an intention” or as “a cause”. In the second case, it can be interpreted as “common sense” or “rationality”.

Deriving from this statement the following meaning of Pascal’s words can be explained: one’s mind cannot control one’s heart. Despite mind’s proofs and rationality, it still is not responsible for the way heart influences one’s actions and consciousness. Despite the fact that the heart is illogical, and one’s feelings cannot be explained, it still rules over the mind. Is it not a mystery? Human’s brain is not studied as deeply as the heart is, it has an enormous area to be explored, but no one can explain why the heart can take control over the mind.

Feelings and emotions make one act while reasoning makes one sit and do nothing except for thinking and arguing. It has always been so, and it will always be so. Emotions will always win over rationality, and one will hardly ever be able to explain why.

It is possible to imagine a special pill which could make people be senseless. Then people would live obeying their mind. People would act as robots. There would be no love, no friendship, no sorrow, and no joy. Fortunately, human’s heart is bottomless. No one can take senses away from a person.

When one lives at the call of the mind only, it is impossible to be happy. In such a case, one rejects the feelings. A person is struggling and is constantly in anxiety. Though, living at the call of the heart only is also dangerous. How many battles were started because of someone’s feelings? How many people were killed because of one’s emotions? Combining both mind’s argumentation and heart’s feelings is hard, but one should try their best to do it.


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