Burger Boy

Understanding between the members of every working collective is the most important thing and the guarantee of the enterprise’s success. If there is no understanding, it frequently leads to problems that is the reason of failing. It is considerable to examine and estimate the situation in a store Burger Boy, which is a fast food restaurant. Everyone would say that there are some serious problems in this place.

Everybody can see that the people employed in Burger Boy did not work as one mechanism. Every member of the collective worked alone. The work of every person should be a part of the industry conveyor in the fast food. On the one hand, because of some persons’ illness, the Burger Boy personnel could not do their best to work successfully. On the other hand, the assistant store manager Otis and shift supervisor Leon did not coup with their managerial obligations. These men did not pay attention that there were so few people that day at work. Otis and Leon could not redistribute responsibilities among the present personnel at that time. They showed their displeasure about the staff and labor process. The men did nothing to provide the successful Burger Boy’s functioning. Beside this, they inveighed the employees and shouted at them. The panic started, and was impossible to continue working. Moreover, Otis and Leon were quarrelling. They could not decide who of them would be a leader and take the responsibility for the problems and unsuccessful operation. The managers argued who works more and better. Otis and Leon did not have any features of a really effective leader (manager). The members of the crew were frightened and did not know what to do; they were so disappointed. There was also a problem about Marge and Leon. Leon was angry that she had gone even despite the fact that her workday had already finished. Marge had the right to go. Considering the advices at HR Hero, Leon behaved absurdly in this situation because he did not find out why Marge had gone and whether her hours per that day were over (HR Hero, n.d.).

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All of these problems could be compensated for if the members of the crew would want this. Nobody would suffer a bad regard from the assistant store manager Otis and shift supervisor Leon. The men acted impolitely and rudely. Anyway, the compensation would not replace lost nerves and moral exhaustion. Of course, everybody wants to have more money for the work. However, if the managers do not value their personnel’s endeavors, the workers would not want to work with them. It is reasonable to pay a felicitous salary for more working hours. Thus, the managers face the risk to lose a good person in the collective if they do not compensate for extra work. Nevertheless, in the case with Marge, it is absurd to think that money compensation would help as she must have met her small daughter at the bus station. Marge was sure that she could do it because she knew when her workday would end. Marge could plan her personal life after her working hours at Burger Boy according to the law and rights of every employee. Moreover, if anybody has small children, the employer should treat her/him with understanding. Otis and Leon were not thinking about Marge’s daughter at that moment. They acted selfishly and put their own ambitions first. Good managers should not do so. It affected their reputation and professional authority. Every person from the crew could find a new job like this one because there were many fast food restaurants, and all of them worked with the same scheme and plan. It is not good for the enterprise to often change the members of the team. Furthermore, it can have detrimental consequences for its present and future. This fact could badly influence the shop’s operation. Every manager should provide comfort and long-term cooperation with the employees.

Problems could be reduced with the diligent use of rewards other than pay. For example, the managers could give more holidays for those people who worked that day. Another solution was to decrease their hours per day for the fixed period, but pay the same salary. Such events from Otis and Leon’s side would help the crew members get pleasure from the work. A good type of reward could be to choose the best worker for that days or week. It would improve the employees’ motivation and desire to work more and better. In general, every reward in any shape would develop the motivation, wish to work and endeavor. Someone likes to receive money reward when others prefer immaterial remuneration. It depends on a person’s life priorities. In the situation in Burger Boy, every employee wanted to receive both additional payment and rewards other than pay. Furthermore, they would be satisfied about it because they could understand that they had worked more and harder. Moral pressure from the managers’ requires any reward; no worker would refuse from it. Any rewards or compensations from the management side would make the relations within the working crew better. Firstly, Otis and Leon would understand that the workers did their best and worked hard. They had to be thankful for them and show it. Secondly, the workers would realize that they are valued. If the management does not reward and grace hard and good employees’ work, they will not do so well next time (University of California).

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The number of hours of work can be considered a reward because some people want to work more hours than others. Moreover, some can be unable to work a certain number of hours. This often happens; therefore, managers should coordinate it with the members of the crew. If Jerry was happy to work 20 hours, he should be allowed to work this way. If Chuck is not willing to work 30 hours, he should talk about this with the manager.


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