Engaged Company Culture: Google and Walt Disney


 A common strategy employed by successful companies is the establishment of cultures that guides behavior and interaction between the management and employees. Four major elements that companies emphasize on are values, policies and mission, teamwork and workforce. Culture establishes an enabling environment for innovation and diminishes wastages and at the same time improves output. Through the set habits, norms, beliefs, principles, and values, company can avoid workplace conflicts. The cultural practices for different firms depend on target client, employer, employee and product, or the type of service offered. Cooperate culture has proved an essential strategy to establish a brand, attract clients and talented employees. Employees who are fully engaged into the company culture are enthusiastic and work towards the company’s goal. In the United States of America, two businesses that have outperformed their competitors because of the right culture policies are Google and Walt Disney.

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Commonalities between Google and Walt Disney

The initial stage of recruitment by the two companies is done competitively to acquire the best talent. Traditionally, the interviews are conducted by contracted professionals and human resource firms that gauge the applicant’s qualifications. Employment is not guarantee to be based on professional and educational background. Therefore, an applicant must possess other qualities that are in line with the workplace principles set by the company (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012). When recruiting for the personal attributes, for example, ability to work with a team, innovativeness, passion, motivation and ability to work under strict guidelines and deliver desirable result are taken into account. The aim of process is to ensure that the applicant adds value to the workforce and adheres to the set values. On employment, the selected recruits undergo further training to provide them with knowledge about the firm’s cultures such as symbols, control systems, organizational rituals and power structures (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012). Some established ways to foster employee engagement are proper communication, direct interaction with the supervisor, healthy vision, client satisfaction, employee development, salary and environment that promotes teamwork (Schein, 2010).

According to the research conducted by Salary Comparison Company, employees interviewed from both companies described the working conditions as favorable (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012). Furthermore, they stated teamwork, supportive and motivational leadership and excellent remuneration as the factors that encouraged their performance at work. Collaboration enables colleagues to exchange ideas and solve complex problems with ease. Through teamwork, workers feel closely associated with a family or a community since a majority of them spends a considerable amount of time at work, more than with family and friends. Motivational authority encourages innovations, transparent and open communication. In both companies, the employees interact well and voice their opinions without fear of victimization from colleagues or management. Apart from creating a friendly environment at the workplace, freedom improves the autonomy of the workers to a large extent. A highly autonomous workforce tends to be much more productive compared to employees in an inflexible organization. The freedom at the workplace creates competition among peers, which in return increase the overall output. The employees are given short breaks between working hours to recover. Research has shown that this is an effective way of increasing production and the quality of work as compared to working long hours without rest (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012).

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Differences between Google and Walt Disney

The major variation between the two companies is how they interact with their international culturally different clients. This can be attributed to different products they offer to the customers, whereas Google is a technical company which content is accessed by users daily through the Internet, Walt Disney produces family entertainment products targeting a particular audience. Google and its subsidiaries broadcast to different countries, races, religions and beliefs (Schein, 2010). It is, therefore, difficult to regulate the information found on their media. In contrast, Walt Disney has a culture of producing films and animations, and products that are suitable for family viewing and utilizing. There are appropriate departments within the company that are involved in editing and ensuring desired quality is achieved. Due to communication barriers, it is important to offer services in a language that is understood by your clients (Shook, 2010). Communication is an important aspect of any business because it determines how duties and responsibilities are performed. Poor communication leads to confusion regarding the duties and responsibilities of employee. Whereas movies can only be translated into few major languages, Google has an application used for translating languages. Disney has a strong organizational culture that ensures productions achieve a certain standard. On the other hand, Google interference with European Union’s fair competition laws is an example of poor cooperate culture (Schein, 2010).  

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Benefits of Good Company Cultures to Prevention Organizations

Prevention organizations should strive to exhibit a culture similar to that depicted in Google and Walt Disney to develop a company culture that eliminates conflicts at the workplace. These clashes may be a result of gender, sexual orientation, age, race or personality differences that may lead to diminished work output (Shook, 2010). As a consequence of these conflicts, employees lose motivation to work, thereby loosing liability to the establishment. The prevention organizations require strategies they can use to empower their employees to be more passionate about their work. This is achieved through the establishment of proper communication mechanisms through which work is distributed from the employer to the employee (Schein, 2010). These channels provide distinctive salaries, rights and responsibilities of employees at each level of the organization. Ranking of positions motivates junior employees into working hard to gain promotion to senior ranks. An entrepreneur should use proper communication channels to continually remind the workforce about the company’s philosophies values, mission, and cultures (Schein, 2010). This is achieved by organizing outdoor team building events that enhance trust and confidence between the leadership and employees. The administration is mandated to ensure the set culture is sustainable, realistic constitutional and dynamic to accommodate dynamic views (Schein, 2010). As preventive organizations, companies should disseminate information in regard to its clients’ background, religious beliefs, race, and social status enabling them to engage without raising conflicts. For example, doctors tasked with preventing the spread of a disease require patient background information to efficiently handle the work (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012)

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Successful business organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Procter, and Gamble attribute their success over the competitors to strong company cultures. Establishment of a workable culture is a continuous process that consumes time and, therefore, requires patience. The association between a company and its clients is a major reason that makes the customers to retain their loyalty. A successful establishment of cultures is expressed through conversations, values, and policies. The ideologies that company stands for should not be symbolic but actionable. Motivational authority encourages innovations, transparent and open communication. Cooperate social responsibility is a sure way through which organization uses to inform society about their working cultures. Potential customers and employees are attracted to companies with a strong working culture. An engagement culture fosters respect and trust among both parties involved. Employers should ensure their staff is well trained, equipped and sufficiently motivated to perform their specific roles. Some of the most efficient ways to foster employee engagement are proper communication, direct interaction with the supervisor, healthy vision, client satisfaction, employee development, salary and environment that promotes teamwork.


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