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A car exhibition can sometimes be difficult to initiate and manage to achieve the intended outcomes. Perhaps, this is because after operating in the market for some years, the managers and project implements must have observed the trend of information and cash flow and therefore should have developed and implemented operationally growing tactics. This will enable the company to accommodate the increasing load of information it should process and thus align the strategies to the overall goal of the company. Therefore, the project is intended to establish the problems of cost at a car exhibition, which is squarely and primarily depends on the operational goals and plans.

Project Character

The project will be sponsored by car manufacturers while its customers include the potential buyers.

Measuring the Project

Ideally, the project will be measured for success using qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The former will measure the observable aspects of the project, while the latter will measure the numerical deliverables achieved after a designated period.

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Components of the Project Plan

Concerning the plan, this project will be initiated by training the people who will carry out its operations. It will then be implemented in a series, beginning from the acquisition of the location to initiating and managing the entire project. In addition, the plan will be used throughout the project to make sure that the intended outcomes or deliverables are achieved within the time allocated. Indeed, the realization of all the objectives will be of great benefit to the sponsor, meaning that it would enhance the latter’s reputation. Moreover, the sponsor would not consider the amount spent on the project as lost if it achieves all the outlined objectives.

Scope of the Project

The major deliverables of this project include location acquisition, fire prevention strategies, elimination of theft approaches, marketing approaches, and prevention of damages. Basically, the scope will be altered and approved depending on the need at each stage of implementation. The proposals will be forwarded to the executive committee where it will be deliberated and subsequently approved.

Parties Involved in the Project

In this project, the sponsor, stakeholders, and key customers are involved in its implementation.

Staffing the Project

There will be some special considerations for staffing the project. For example, the project officers who will play an integral part in the implementation must have experience in running such project. This means that staffing will be based on expertise and demonstrated ability to cope with, and achieve the expected deliverables. Based on the structure of the organization, staffing changes will be identified using the performance of an individual officer taking part in the implementation of the project. Essentially, non-performing project officers will be discontinued to make sure that only those who  understand their work continue to serve. In cases where an officer thinks he/she can perform well in a different department, the management will review such request and grant the transfer as would be redeemed appropriate. Escalation of staffing will be carried out depending on the need. Finally, all issues arising during project implementation will be resolved amicably using laid down procedures in order to achieve the outlined goals.

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The Communication Structure

Regarding communication protocol, any escalation, reviews, approvals, and information will be relayed in writing. Management decisions will be communicated vertically from top to bottom, whereas the project officers’ concerns will be communicated immediately and in writing from bottom to top.  

Work Breakdown Structure

The major activities to be completed as part of the project after it has been located include fire prevention, eliminating theft of motor vehicles, ensuring that people turn up, and preventingdamages and interruptions.

Major Milestones

The major milestones for the project and deliverables within each include the following.  

Fire Prevention

–  No smoking inside.

–   No naked flames inside exhibition.

–  Plenty of fire extinguishers.

Eliminating Theft of Motor Vehicles

–   Insurance on all cars in exhibition.

–   Ensure all keys are locked away and only accessible by salespeople.

–   Adequate security.

Ensure People Show up for the Project

–   Send invitations early and include reminders.

–   Ensure freebies and giveaways will be available in the exhibition.

–   Include lucky draw – first prize being a car inside the exhibition.

Preventing Damages and Interruptions

–   Insurance on all cars in exhibition.

–   No weapons allowed inside the exhibition.

–  Provide age limit, no children under a certain age.

Notably, the approximate effort involved in creating the deliverable will depend on the type of risk that the management was likely to encounter. In addition, the people involved are experts in the specific field who will tirelessly work to improve the image of the exhibition.

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Two Milestones and Activities to be Completed to Achieve the Milestone

Fire Prevention

–   Making sure that no one smoke inside.

–  Removing all naked flames inside the exhibition and making sure that none is brought.

–  Bringing working fire extinguishers and ensuring that they remain in good condition.

Preventing Damages and Interruptions

–   Ensuring that there is valid insurance on all cars in the exhibition.

–  Not allowing weapons inside the exhibition.

–  Providing age limit, no children under a certain age.

Changes in the Schedule

Basically, changes to the schedule will be identified, escalated, and resolved depending on its suitability and advise from the officer(s) taking part in the implementation of the project. This is key to making sure that the schedules that do not conform to the objectives of the project are reviewed and subsequently scrapped.

Budget and its Component

The budgeting process that will be used for the project will include identification of essential parameters and safety concern to make sure that the project implementation becomes swift. The components of the budget include financing acquisition of location, fire prevention strategies, elimination of theft approaches, marketing approaches, and prevention of damages. Notably, the items that will need to have costs associated with them will be varied depending on their essence. Consultative mechanisms will be used to estimate the project cost and viability. Changes in the Budget

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Concerning the changes to the budget, they will be identified, escalated, and resolved based on need. It will be the management to effect any change on the budget and resolve disparities arising during the project implementation.

Possible Risk Events for the Project

Ideally, the high probability, high-impact risk events include theft and unprecedented fire at the exhibition. In case of theft, the possible actions to mitigate it include avoiding smoking and ensuring that there is fire extinguishers. Concerning theft, there will be adequate security and baring idlers from accessing the exhibition. Changes to the risk management plan will be identified, reviewed, and approved by the management committee.

Project Metrics

In this project, the metrics that will be captured throughout its initiation and implementation for schedule, budget, utilization, and status components include hitches, omissions and commissions. Therefore, the frequency with which the metrics will be captured in the project will depend on the environment under which the project will proceed. In addition, the resulting analysis will be applied and communicated in writing to make sure that the project succeed .

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Things that Could Affect the Project

Inadequate capital to finance the project and lack of commitment among the project implementors, may adversely affect the project’s ability to succeed . There will be a high amount of change in attitudes toward project management as long as it gets to track. Cultural differences and priorities by business unit could also affect the success of the business. Embracing ethical and legal framework in conducting the business can be used to remove/reduce the barriers mentioned above.


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