The modern healthcare industry experiences some challenges today, which makes its effectiveness lower than it could be. The main challenges constitute such issues as (1) lack of adequate health insurance, (2) inefficient health care system, (3) lack of social and economic upward mobility, (4) inability of families to provide the needed care, (5) a large number of children in poverty and (6) the increasing cost of care for the elderly (Kuramoto, 2014). These challenges have different background, including social, economic and political aspects, but they all have impact on the wellbeing of the healthcare sphere, either directly or indirectly.

Nevertheless, the US healthcare system can also demonstrate some opportunities that may be used as an impulse for the further improvement of the particular aspects. These opportunities include (1) the regular checks of the quality ratings of doctors and hospital specialists, (2) the developing of a budget to manage health care expenses, (3) the introduction of the combined hospital, physician and prescription drug care into one reimbursement system, (4) providing a patient with an opportunity to consult a doctor about the costs, options and lower cost alternatives, (5) providing a client with an opportunity to ask for a generic or a less costly brand name drug.

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In order to face the challenges, one should use the available opportunities and introduce the strategy that will help to cope with the difficulties in the healthcare sphere. This strategy should include the following principles:

  • costs reduction;
  • free market relations;
  • the improvement of the insurance system;
  • the promotion of the non-physician medical professionals;
  • the provision of the additional opportunities for seniors;
  • the importance of health education.

In order to support this strategy, it is necessary to take certain actions that will target its main points.

First, one should pay attention to cost; this aspect includes budgeting, accounting and spending because the current US healthcare system fails in all three directions.

Second, it is necessary to provide a free market approach, which will make the healthcare services portable and personal. A client should know what he/she is paying for; thus, an individual should be allowed to pay only for those services that he/she needs.

Third, one should increase competition by breaking up insurance cartels. Today, the US market holds about 1300 insurance companies, but a client may only use the services of those companies that are located in his/her state (Tapas & Dangre, 2014). Sometimes, the choice of the insurance companies in a particular state cannot satisfy the client’s demands, but he/she has no other choice and should use the services of one of them. The promotion of competition will make all the insurance firms improve their service quality and level of education in order to be required in the market.

Forth, one needs to empower non-physician medical professionals. The rethinking of medical license and private practice laws will allow healthcare workers to provide better services to clients. As a result, it will lead to cost reduction and increased competition, which will mean the overall improvement of service quality.

Fifth, one should provide the seniors with an opportunity to make their own decisions. As a consequence, it will lead to the elimination of future benefit cuts and eventual rationing of care. Moreover, there is no need to pay providers directly because the seniors will receive a voucher and could make their own private insurance plan.

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Sixth, one should introduce particular preventive measures which predetermine the consumer focused approach (Reed & Bell, 2013). Health awareness and education will lead to the decrease of the incidents of obesity, lungs cancer, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and other illnesses which are connected with the wrong nutrition or bad health habits.


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