Puzzling Movement Situations

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The human brain plays a great role in motor control and learning. It does achieve its essential role through the control of the necessary muscles involved with the execution of various movement situations. The various movement situations are executed without one being conscious of the action. Ghez and Krakauer assert that muscle movement required to execute an action is usually a step by step procedure. The first step is sensation in which receptors of our senses send transmissions to the brain. This is then followed by perception whereby the received sensations in the brain are converted to perceptions.  The appropriate response is then selected and is finally accompanied by the execution of the response. Some movement situations seem to be unusual from various experiences I have come across. Some people have had unique movement situations that do not seem to follow the normal movement behavioral situations of people.

Puzzling movement situations

In one of my experiences as a therapist in a medical institution I had a puzzling movement situation in which one of my staff whom we worked closely hand-in-hand could not be in position of raising his left eyebrow fully. Since I was the only therapist in the institution, I had a role of helping the member of staff. I called him into my office and after examination he could raise his right eye brow without any difficulty. Attempting to raise the left eyebrow fully was not an easy task and he had to use his hands as an aid to raise it. As a therapist, I recommended him to practice opening his left eyebrow fully through forcing his muscles without the aid of his hands. After a week of practicing with him on opening his left eyebrow without the use of his hands, I had to conduct findings on whether he was in a better position of opening the left eyebrow fully. The results showed that even with the effort of aiding him to open the left eyebrow fully, he could not sustain the full opening of the eye brow for long. He was thus comfortable with opening it to the previous size even for a long duration than the full opening.

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In another experience in which I had to conduct therapy to a young girl who was a school going child, I had a very puzzling movement situation. The parents of the child who were very close friends to me had requested me to attempt training their child on the use of her right hand as he usually used mostly her left hand. The girl mostly liked using her left hand in her school work than her right hand. Though she could use both hands in carrying out his assignments, she opted most of the time to use her left hand as she could carry out the school work faster than when using her right hand. I assigned the parent the role of ensuring that the girl conducted her assignments using her right hand. After three weeks of carrying out her assignments with her right hand, I had to examine her. I gave the girl a diagram to draw with each of her hands. The results showed that with the use of her left hand she was able to complete the drawing using less time than with the use of her right hand. On questioning the girl on which hand she seemed quite comfortable working with, the girl option was the left hand.

Another movement situation that greatly puzzled me in my therapy experience at the institution was in the gait of one of my clients. The individual had a habit of leaning his neck while walking. On walking in my office, I noted the guy had a problem in his gait even without explaining to me on his problem. He had a tendency of swerving his neck in a particular direction. After close observation of him walking away and towards me, I identified that when instructed to walk upright, he was in a position of doing so. I then gave him some instructions so as to solve his problems with his gait. He was supposed to be conscious of the way he placed his neck while walking. He was supposed to make it stand upright and not lean in any direction. After observation of the client and his getting his feedback after some few weeks, the findings showed that the client was more comfortable walking with his neck leaning in the desired direction. He would force himself walking upright but would eventually realize later that he had leant his neck.

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Finding a solution to the puzzling movement situations

In the finding of a solution to the puzzling movement situations, the major aim will be to identify whether motor skills can be gained through physical therapy based on the practice of the functional activities than on the principle of making it normal in the movement quality. The study is intended to be done on a population of 30 children who are left handed. The population is supposed to be divided into two groups in a randomized manner and each group should be assigned a therapist. The therapist should be previously trained on what his role will be in the study. The therapists majorly receive training on the application of functional physical therapy in enhancing children to gain motor skills.

Assessments should be made on the achievement of gaining the motor skills which is to be conducted after six, twelve and eighteen months. One of the groups was to use the functional physical therapy while the other was to use the reference method. In the study motor learning should not be expected to be successful according to one’s owns expectations as the measure of error which is mostly highly responsive to any practice of attaining a motor skill affects consistency. In this measure of error bias is also a factor to be taken into consideration. In the first few trials of motor learning the bias often changes but thereafter, even after several trials it remains zero.

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Taking into consideration the carrying out of the study effectively, eye movement should be included in the study. This is because eye movement plays a great role in the carrying out of our daily activities. In various studies and researches systems which do record eye movements, they have later played an important role in the provision of accurate information on what a subject sees and thus a better way of obtaining an interpretation of what course of action will follow. Because of the nature of the tasks the instructors are assigned, they should not try to elicit certain responses from the children but should rather give the children the freedom and initiative to learn alone. The instructors thus in our case should not force children to use their right hands in attempting school work. Since the children under study are left- handed, therapists should give the children the necessary freedom of exercising both their hands in school work but an emphasis should be placed on the use of their right hands. The study results will show that children in functional therapy will have a better improvement than those in the reference group. With this consideration being taken into place, people with puzzling movement situations will be able to find solutions to their problems in a better manner when working under functional therapy rather than forcing themselves with movement patterns common to people.


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