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Contemporary healthcare system has encountered many different changes which have led to both developments and failures relating to healthcare delivery. With the changes that have taken place, new incentives have been introduced to ensure that health information of patients is kept safely and is protected from any tampering. Yet, there have been cases of technology hacking with further patients’ information disclosure. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that the introduction of reliable electronic medical reporting will be a great stride in the positive direction, for this will assist and ease the responsibilities of healthcare practitioners while still ensuring safekeeping of the information. Having the healthcare organizing going through acquisition will be critical in guaranteeing that it gains access to the required electronic health records. In hindsight, the acquisition is some form of outsourcing for the company because it will help to manage health information storage in a better and more secure state. The need to address various issues relating to healthcare systems and the introduction of the discussed system is imperative in making sure that people understand the advantages of electronic health records.

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There are many reasons why a company may decide to introduce electronic health records in its operations, and comprehension of them is important in understanding the management needs in the information technology sector of particular business (Adams, 2010). One of its benefits is that it leads to better attention towards those working in this sector since there is reduced pressure in the company. When the company outsources the information technology aspect, it means that that the amount of work performed by each individual is reduced, and workers in their turn can increase their proficiency in working environment. The increase in the quality of work is caused by the fact that workers now identify the expectations of the company and the operating standards to ensure better retention of medical records using the EMR (Barcroft, 2010).

Another benefit of outsourcing in order to get electronic health records is the training platform that is offered for both the firm’s employees and the companies where they study and broaden their knowledge. Through such training, employees improve their functioning and develop on a personal level thus increasing efficiency of the company as a whole.

Presentation of the electronic health records will have a great impact on human resource management since the latter is essential in modern business environment. Many developing countries do not have a well-established plan for the introduction of information technology aspects, and the consequent of this is slow and delayed performance. However, with the introduction of EMR, operation between the company and management of the health records becomes simpler. It is necessary to point out that the contemporary business environment has institutions with affiliated companies. Therefore, these online records will enable affiliate companies to access medical records regardless of their location in such a way offering a setting for liaison, resulting in improved relations and making it is possible to solve some of the problematic issues affecting people.

Other benefits that will be caused by outsourcing for the introduction of electronic health records concern human resource function related development, namely the one aimed at saving financial recourses. Medical records are very important and require a high level of security. Security guarantees that the health of patients and the reputation of the company is properly maintained, but at the same time it may require the company to employ many staff members to coordinate and manage the health records. However, by introducing electronic recording to manage the part of its human resource operation, the company decreases the need for large numbers of workers. Furthermore, with the introduction of EMR, it will be easier to manage the records since the operating system will compress the files, and the company will only require one information technology specialist to ensure that the records are kept safe from any potential exposure. The specialist will also train other workers regarding the principles of successful management of their records.

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The best initiative that will arise from the introduction of electronic health records for the company is the increased focus on strategy. When the company focuses on its strategy, employees also feel motivated to oblige and ensure that the company performs effectively to accomplish its goals (Barcroft, 2010). The introduction of information technology shows the commitment that the company has in making sure that optimal performance is achieved. When employees display enough dedication and commitment in reaching the goals of the organization, there is a favorable ground for maintaining improved healthcare management, and for providing people with the possibility to operate in a rather coordinated manner to achieve their goals as well as the goals of the health institution.

In this regard, it is rather sensible to use the above-discussed technology. Large companies that fail to use them properly and successfully usually have their workers free to operate in any manner they please because the latter lack appropriate management skills (Adams, 2010). At the same time, such situation implies that these companies do not possess the skills needed for good supervision. Inadequate supervision arises when the management experiences difficulties in micro-management of every employee in every department of the organization. However, in the companies that utilize electronic records to handle their operations, the management has a better understanding of the functioning and the employees. The above acts as an incentive for any employee to work effectively and improve in such a way that they can develop in terms of the particular responsibility that they have in the organization (Craig, 2011).

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One of the major HR functions performed with the help of electronic recording by contemporary companies is the auditing factor. This responsibility is given to specialized technology software that assesses the functioning of the company in order to find the particular departments that perform poorly in the company (Chong, 2012). Afterwards, the management changes the organizational strategy thus ensuring that these changes align with the best functioning mode of the human resource. Through these changes, there is a possibility for the improvement in the human resource sector (Laurel, 2013).

To conclude, the above-provided information enables one to understand the importance of introducing the electronic health records not only in this stated field but in any other organization seeking to increase the productivity of its functioning and improve the efficiency of its management. Contemporary environment has seen the rise of computers that have reduced the time, space, and effort with regard to recording information. Hence, it is imperative to understand the importance of the changes seen in the modern health care sphere in order to ensure that safekeeping of records is performed in the best possible manners. It is also equally essential for the person in charge of the stated electronic health records to always maintain the high ethical standard and have a dedicated character since he or she is responsible for many records of great importance to the patients of particular health care organization.


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