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Question 1

I am an international student of Chinese nationality studying at Butte College, the United States, since January 2014. From March 2013, before transfer to the Butte College on January 2014 for academic studies, I pursued English studies at the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI Chico). My main purpose of seeking a transfer from this college to the University of California is to get an opportunity to pursue a degree in international relations as my major course. Unfortunately, Butte College does not offer such courses. I am happy to pronounce that due to my versatility, I have been the student representative of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) there. This opportunity was helpful. Through the association, I have gained skills of organizing students conferences where we get to know and interact with students from other countries. The interaction has really enhanced the relationship of students at Chico. They had to learn more about the multiple cultures on campus as well as in different backgrounds across the world.

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Similarly, at Butte College, I organized Chinese students to attend the clean environment twice for the time I was there. I have discovered that I have innate skills and passion in a matter that deal with organizing groups, a habit that I have grown with since childhood. I remember when I used to be galvanizing my fellow pupils in the elementary school to accomplish some small errands that earned great fame in the school. My teachers, as well as my parents, used to compliment and encourage me to continue like that. Therefore, I have never retrogressed since then.

I look forward to pursuing this course in international relations so that I may follow my cousin who works for the international trade organization. Looking at his authoritative profile and portfolio gives me great inspirations that one day I will be like him or even better. Also, I do hope that one day I can work with him in the same department. I like being close to people like him because my cousin is focused and has impeccable personal attributes. Having excellent organizational skills and diversification of campus life, I know that I will make many friends from different countries. Perhaps they will be of great help to me when my time of taking career responsibilities comes.

Being a community leader among my siblings and peers from early years has a significant impact on my urge for a job in international relations. In my pursuit of this course, I wish to consolidate knowledge and community organizing skills. After my graduation from the University of California, I also hope to work for my cousin to obtain the necessary experience. Also, I hope I can make a significant contribution to the development of international trade.

Question 2

To justify my suitability for the course I have applied for, I am obliged to share details about my experience in community organizing, which I got through volunteer work, with the administration of the University of California. I am also compelled to exhibit my specific contributions that I deem significant in my life as well in the society. Some of the achievements I am very proud of until today include my participation in volunteer work in community organization. Sometimes I could ask a few of my close friends to accompany me to the healthcare and geriatric centers to visit the elderly people. At these centers, we could have long chats with these people hoping to establish how they perceive life at their age. This experience helped me to discover problems the aged in China encounter at full glare of the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). I also learned that despite the majority of people had retired in senior ranks in the civil service, where they contributed greatly to the prosperity of the country, they denied any substantial humanitarian aid from the government.

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Furthermore, my friends and I usually visited orphanages, and everything we saw impressed us very much. I found out that orphans encounter numerous challenges that affect their lives, and they nearly live in appalling conditions with their lives full of uncertainties. According to their understanding of the term ‘tomorrow’, it is just a perpetuation of tribulations that has no apparent meaning to them. Thus, the most vulnerable children could develop psychological trauma. Therefore, they may require adequate counseling to help them cope with their emotional challenges. Some of them were poorly educated, even though the orphanages are particular about their academic progress. That is why I offered my services to teach English at least to make a difference in their academic progress even in a small way. I also managed to inspire some of my colleagues to team up with me and take the initiative of performing certain duties in the orphanage to be of help in several ways. In addition to that, while studying in high school, I was in an internship in a care center where I met many bedridden patients who equally gave me a very strong impression. Despite the fact that some of the patients nearly gave up the fight believing that the ailment did not have a cure, my presence and care I managed to deliver to them restored their hope. I have no doubt that an opportunity to study international relations at UC will give me a good platform to serve many people in a unique way.


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