Interdependency of Local and Federal Relation

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The ruling of the case between James McCulloch and the state of Maryland paved way for the introduction of the implied power into the constitution. This brought up an implication that the constitution is a guideline that implies several unstated issues within itself. The case set a mark for the interdependency of local, state, and federal relations, which ought to proceed and move away from the original system of the constitution.

McCulloch v. Maryland case proceeded after the establishment of the Second Bank of the United State. This happened after a culture saw that banks enjoy the absence of federal regulations. The freedom enabled the Bank of the United States regulate the activities of the local banks and tax them heavily for their activities. The local banks opted to use the State Legislatures to curb the activities of the Bank of the United States. It happened that, James McCulloch, a cashier of Baltimore Bank refused to pay the annual tax presented to him by the Bank of the United States. McCulloch took an appeal after a $2,500 fine was imposed thus setting his centre stage with the state of Maryland at the Supreme Court.

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The constitutional issues that arose were whether the Bank of the United State was constitutional on its powers. It was also necessary to establish whether the National Supremacy Clause prohibited State taxes on federal activities and whether the activities to tax only federally chartered banks were a discriminatory activity. McCulloch argued that the constitution does not state the finer details of not taxing a federal institution because it only has direction of the implied power. He implied that Baltimore Bank was a federal institution that had rights against any intrusion by any other state.

In a unanimous decision with the judges of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Marshall concurred with McCulloch’s arguments and advocated for the constitution being the instrument of the citizens and not the state. This enabled the court to use the Federal Constitution and not the State Constitution in its ruling. Marshall pointed out that the constitution was a document that was on expansion in case of any conflicts. He, therefore, ruled the taxing activities of the Bank of the United States unconstitutional and overruled McCulloch’s Maryland fine (Pearson Education, Inc., 2005).

Following this case, it is true that the constitution harbours unstated implied powers within it. The original use of the constitution as sovereign tool of the state should be abolished. On the contrary, the interdependency of the state, local, and federal relations ought to be increased.


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