Parliament and the Monarchy in Britain

Britain is a nation that has had the monarchy hierarchy and the Parliament co-exist since time in memorial up to this day. It is very keen in observing the traditions that are carefully carried out especially during occasions. A monarchy is a type of government whereby all political power is carried on to an individual it is hereditary and is known as a monarch. The word monarchy is normally used when talking about a traditional arrangement of heritable law.

A constitution can be either a written constitution or an unwritten constitution. The British constitution constitutes of an unwritten constitution. Therefore, the constitution is very advantageous for instance; it is flexible enough to be amended, by increasing or decreasing as per the will of the elected parliament of the day without any difficulties or long procedures. On the other hand, it has the drawback of aggravating much squabbling in the midst of lawyers, politicians and historians as it may depart considerable layers of vagueness just about now and then vital issues linking to its subjects’ liberties.

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In a constitutional monarchy, the constitution limits the power of the crown and gives a considerable share of political power to the people. The monarch reigns with the support of parliament. The monarch does not take part in any decision-making process, and everything is done on the advice of the elected government. Parliamentary act, system in which deliberative bodies carry out their dealings. In English-speaking states, these are grounded on the application of the British Parliament, primarily in the House of Commons. British parliamentary law is predictable, rather than constitutional, including customs and patterns, in addition to the Standing Orders, of the House.

Parliamentary supremacy is the idea that the leading parliament of a nation has the highest influence over all added branches of administration. It is usually the main standard in countries which have a powerful parliament with obvious constitutional ability. In countries that have had problems with dictators, parliamentary domination may be asserted when the possibility to reorganize the government comes about.

In the beginning of the 17th century, the British monarchy had established a stable relationship with the parliament where the monarchy would be dominant, but by the end of the century, the parliament had removed two monarchs from power and assumed its supremacy over the monarchy.

When Elizabeth passed away in 1603, the Tudor line was finished, and James I became the initial Stuart king in England. He was a Protestant and he grounded his rule on the theory of the ‘divine rights of kings’ rather than on ‘the love of his people’ believing that, as a monarch, he was the representative of God on earth. When King James I called upon the Parliament, he only did it to ask for money, but the members refused to charge any taxes except if the funding was required for war. This was one of the political and economic factors that brought tension between the Parliament and the Monarchy.

When King James’ supremacy was perturbed, immense improvement was recognised in permanent English settlement abroad, and this made it achievable to place the basics of English colonial belongings in North America. In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers, spiritual dissenters who had taken refuge in Holland, moved from England to America. The clean world provided a suitable position for unnecessary spiritual and political agitators also an important market for English supplies.

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In the mid 1600’s, tension rose between the monarchy, and the parliament, there was a civil war that broke out and it led to King Charles I’s execution in January 30 1649. Charles I took over from his father James I in 1625; he was often confronted by the Puritan party whose members belonged to the middle-level class that had resulted to the ascending of the social and political movement and being the majority in the Parliament. The Puritans required an equal share of power between the king and the parliament but Charles I believed that he was king by divine right. This resulted to him being at loggerheads with the parliament that deprived him of the money he asked for. The members now were determined to get rid of the King and they tried to remove him from the throne by force, but they did not succeed.

In 1642, the King was asked to surrender the kingship that he declined, and a civil war followed. The military were separated into Royalists and Parliament supporters, in the leadership of Oliver Cromwell. The Royalists grew long hair and were called “Cavaliers”. They incorporated the lords, the gentry and England’s church. The Parliament supporters were known as “Roundheads” since they well thought-out that long hair was evil and trimmed theirs short. In London, the ports, the fleet, the new gentry and small property-owners, artisans and puritans supported the Parliament. The King was imprisoned in 1647; Cromwell took over London and disqualified additional 100 Members of Parliament. The lasting members campaigned for the execution of the King on January 30, 1649. Their plea was met since he was killed and the parliament decided to be the only head of the nation therefore the monarchy system was abolished.

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This was followed by the monarchy being removed and England was ruled as a republic also known as the commonwealth. This has continued in the countries that were colonized by the British government and most of those countries are referred to as commonwealth states.

In 1660 Charles II was invited by Parliament to come back to his monarchy from his send away to France and this marked the end of the republic rule and reinstatement of the monarchy rule. The majority of Britons, who had felt demoralized in their daily existence by the severe system of the Puritans, welcomed the reinstatement of monarchy with a sigh of relief. Charles II’s reign was the most immoral in England’s history, therefore, when the two predicaments of the plague in 1665 and the fire that struck the state in 1666, the Puritans concluded that it was God’s punishment caused by the king’s wickedness. The Puritans and the Whigs were not amused by the King’s character.

The monarchy was then re-established in 1660 and that was followed by parliament’s role being improved by the ‘Glorious revolution’, which took place between 1688 and 1689, which recognized the power of the parliament above the king. From those events, the political system of Britain became a parliament monarchy.

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In 1688, King James II of England, who was the son of King Charles I was overthrown by some English parliamentarians with the William III of Orange, who led the military and later rose to the English throne together with his wife Mary II of England.When King James II got a son, James Francis Edward Stuart on 10th June,1688 that’s when his predicament escalated because until then this throne would have passed on to his daughter Mary, who was a protestant and the wife of William but now the possibility of a catholic dynasty in the kingdom was very likely. The leaders of the Tories united and members of the opposition positioned themselves to solve this calamity by engaging William of Orange to England, since they were really disturbed by the King’s Catholicism and his good relationship with France.

The Catholic social teachings are thought to be insufficiently modern. However, these teachings are of ample assistance in getting rid of materialism and individualism. In addition to this, the Catholic social teachings are in agreement with most traditional cultures ranging from European cultures. As a result, these teachings are globally acceptable. Studies have also indicated that non-catholic individuals tend to agree with the Catholic social teachings.

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According to the teachings, the teachings disagree with Marxist socialism and liberal capitalism. This is because they fail to properly promote ad respect human dignity. These provisions tend to place human dignity in danger and enhance inequality. It is on this basis that several companies opt to keep up with the teachings as provided for by the Catholic Church.

In 1689, William III and his wife Mary were recognized as shared monarchs. The supremacy of William and Mary was a time of financial progress and London was quickly becoming the economic center of the globe. This continued for very many years until Britain became one of the world’s most influential countries.

The Revolution eternally terminated any possibility of Catholicism becoming reinstated in England. The British Catholics were highly affected both socially and politically. When Elizabeth started out her reign, religious conviction was the most pressing difficulty of the fresh reign; Catholics were charged if they declined to attend the church of England and the Puritans did not agree with the supply and bishops of the church of England, they had an elevated sense of responsibility and ethics and were in opposition to any to any form of amusement and emphasized the significance of uniqueness inside religion.

The Catholic religion, just like other religions, has a great impact on the values practiced by individuals. This is highly implemented in activities that these individuals are involved in doing. The era of globalization implies that there must have existed rules that governed the world, this ensured that there were no contradictions as everyone was expected to keep up with the set standards. They are purely based on traditional cultures and doctrines. It is on this basis that the Catholic social teachings are greatly implemented.

They were also deprived of the right to take part in an election and sit in the Westminster Parliament in excess of 100 years. They were later deprived commissions in the military and the monarch was prohibited to be catholic or marry a catholic. These perceptions are observed to this day. Since King James was overthrown, modern English parliamentary and social equality has been experienced and the Parliamentarians can freely discuss issues in the Parliament without being intimidated.

Transport and trade was immensely improved especially by the waterways, shops were established widely and this gave the farmers an opportunity to sell their goods and this resulted to towns growing larger and larger. The citizens of Britain started appreciating the reign of William and Mary. The fame of London was because of several factors: the majority of England’s overseas buy and sell was approved through its harbor; the enormous trading companies were established in the capital, this brought about a lot of activity in the city promoting its popularity. However, the reasons for the authority of London were not only economic, but also political, social, legal and cultural. Every sitting of Parliament gathered over 400 associates and their families; the Inns of Court, the town learning institutions and the amusement represented many people in addition.


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