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Human rights can be termed as, inalienable fundamental, rights which every person is entitles to because they are human beings. These human rights should be universal (they can be applied everywhere) and should be the same to everyone. The human rights can exist as natural rights or appear as legal rights. This can be applicable in both national and international body. The human rights policies have been the base of public policy all around the world. This can be in international practice, regional and global institution, on governmental organizations, international law and in state policies. The idea of human rights suggests that having common rights can make the whole universe appear to have a common language. However, the strong claims that can be made by the human tights doctrine do provoke continually the justification and nature of human rights. Most of the acting human rights got processed by the human rights movement. This got developed after the Second World War. It got culminated by the declaration of human rights that got made universally in Paris by the UN in Paris.

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Handling the Human Rights

During my working time, I tend to respect all those that I work together with. This means that I have to respect their rights. Having to condemn anyone to what can be termed as a human rights violation can always be discouraged and I try hard to avoid this. This I usually do by realizing everybody else is human just like me, and they got feelings. Having understood the human rights, I know what I should do to relate well with my colleagues and the clientele. This makes me be kind and respectful. It also requires me to be thoughtful. This is before I speak or take any action, to evaluate the main impact that it would have on the other person. It always requires me to be supportive and encouraging other people. This usually make me consider what the other person might feel if I proceed with any action.

In my career field, I deal with people of different colors, religion, speak differently from me. This requires me to listen attentively to them. I do acknowledge them, which I know is necessary. It helps them to increase their morale and know they can be welcomed in the community. Scolding them may violate their right, which states that, everyone has the right to stay and live in anyplace. Working in an international body, I try to think on the other countries human rights. This is to help me have a clear knowledge of other people’s rights that I consider being useful. This shows that, in any place that I can go to, I can be able to relate properly with the residents of the country. This is also helpful since treating other people whether they have visited my country or I have visited theirs cannot lead to a misunderstanding (Richard 45).

I always consider the human rights of women and children. I am an ardent campaigner of women rights. I believe that women should be allowed to vote, work, and drive a car and to hold public places. This means that I can never mind if I have seniors as women. Women rights should be protected through legal rights. I try to campaign to have women love and marry who they wish, and not forced to marry who their parents think is convenient for them. Women should also be given a chance to speak their minds out. A good example of this is in countries where there are female leaders. Some of the women are successful in the leading roles. It shows that when women can be given the chance to speak their minds out, they can acquire and conquer much. However, there are some people who try to violate human rights especially women. While working I tend to receive many clients who get to be subjected to violated human rights. Most of the complainants that I receive are from young children and women. Most people in the world do leave in violence on a daily basis, at home or in the city. Some of the citizens in the world always live lives in wartime. This leads to the women living in a terror that is hard to comprehend. Most of the cases I receive daily concerns women rape and violation of kids.

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The human rights activists should address the systematic or widespread sexual violence. They should come up with a resolution that states the amendments that can be needed to stop the violation of women and kids. This resolution I think can stress to the needs of having sexual crimes excluded   from any community. I try continually to strengthen efforts to imply the zero tolerance policy of sexual abuse and exploitation. This requires me to do a lot of reporting to the human rights body concerning some serious situation of human rights. This is where sexual violence has systematically been employed against the citizens. This requires me to develop benchmarks to try and help cumber such massive violence. This means having the parties take appropriate measures to have women and girls from protected from every form of sexual violence. Having rhetoric of resolutions can have substantial implications for women’s status in international law and spaces of human rights. Having this attention in the rhetoric’s can be beneficial. This is because the people putting programs that help minimize the violation of the women rights do help to craft the human rights language. The language, which can be used, in the resolution does give me a pause (Richard 54). This language I do wonder whether the concept applied by the resolution can help having a sustainable peace for all citizens. Children should go to school. Parents should always let the children be. This requires the parents to give them the right to play and protection they need when growing up. The parents should also make sure that they have proper nourishment, have clean water and a decent place to live. Every parent should make sure that their children are always free from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Most people who fail to understand the human rights tend to be contended with what they have. They do not try and consider other people’s life. During my working time, most of the time I try to visualize myself living in some countries. I picture myself living in some countries like Afghanistan, Haiti and Mali. Life in these countries tends to be hard, and observing human rights are not always common. If I can live in those countries, I would try and form reforms which would see the human rights observed, even if it is only by a small percent.

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Most people that do violate human rights do not have serious problems in their lives. During their lifetimes, they have never gone hungry and lack clean and fresh water. Sometimes I picture myself in a place where getting food seems like a hard mission while getting water can be considered to be mission impossible. It pains me to see that most governments and international organizations do little or certainly nothing about that. In contrast to helping them, they consume whatever little well wishers try to give those people. People living with HIV AIDS are another category of people that do face violation of their rights. People consider them to be immoral and hence subject them to discrimination. They give the unwelcome message that they are not at all supposed to be living in this world anymore. This leads to low esteem to the infected, no hope and make them feel useless to the world (International Human Rights Law Institute 2007).

How Human Rights have made me think Differently from My Career

Each and everyone is a beneficial to the world. We do have human rights because we found ourselves born. Human rights cannot be meant to be just for one day, in every day we must do what we can to be of help to the brothers and sisters to the whole world. Each and every person should be termed as necessary, has value and is of immense importance. Seeing people who are experiencing human rights violation inflicts so much pain in me. This is because there are international bodies whose main aim is to make sure every human being should be entitled to certain rights, and they must have them. It makes me feel challenged seeing people suffer, and there is nothing much I can do about that. This leaves me with a great urge to fight for human rights. I can only do this by having campaigns against violation of human rights, especially to women, children and those of different races. Some of these campaigns would focus mainly on equal treatment of women and children.


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