Presidential Election

The presidential race in the United States is gradually coming to its logical conclusion. Each party has already decided on its leader. Also, the key moments in the programs of both candidates for the post of the head of the most powerful country in the world became apparent. The contenders for the presidency are Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican). That rivalry between them is now an active struggle. It is such an intriguing characteristic of the US elections that will continue until the last moment. However, one thing is certain: the United States people’s choice will have enormous consequences for the whole world.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most experienced American politicians. She has a very list of high-quality posts in the past. Hillary twice won election to the Senate in such an important and complex state like New York. Since in the US policy, husband and wife are regarded as an inseparable pair, we can say that Hillary has two successful presidential campaigns behind. After eight years in Senate, she lost primaries to Obama, but achieved a substantial experience and worked for four years as a Secretary of State of the nuclear superpower. The fact that she has long been on the political arena shows her experience in the field of modern politics. Of course, she will become the first female president in case of victory. However, an important factor is that Clinton will keep the traditional Democratic platform. That is, her victory would be approximate continuation of the course, which exists today under President Obama: predictable and understandable policies. In turn, Donald Trump is an unexpected person, and few people think that he would be able to become a top contender for the Republican nomination. However, his rhetoric appeals to a broad layer of voters. The aggressive pattern with the help of which he built his campaign and sharply criticized not only Obama’s administration but also his Republican colleagues and competitors led to the fact that he gained a crazy popularity and won Republican Party nomination. Thus, the party reluctantly had to push Trump as the man who won the internal party elections throughout the country. Most likely, with Trump, the US policy will be much less predictable.

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Program of Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the Democratic Party, which in recent decades has changed a bit its vector to the left side looks the most balanced and sometimes even has some features of the Republican Party. Mostly it is because it takes into account the interests of both big business and the general population who have to live on the average salary. Clinton herself has repeatedly said that if she is elected, she will fight both for the successful development of American business as well as economic and social justice. Her team has developed a large-scale plan which in case of its implementation into practice would stimulate economic growth, increase labor costs, and create new workplaces (Chozick n.p.). In other matters, she would continue the policy lines and some moments in the style of Barack Obama. As a former Secretary of State promises to encourage corporations to pay a part of the profits to employees and provide tax benefits to the middle class. This characteristic of the program can finally guarantee the people of the United States the President of the nation and not just the party.

To sum up, presidential elections in the US is one of the major events for the whole world. The presidency of Clinton will become not just a significant event because she will be the first woman president; it is primarily a stable and liberal policy under the control of experienced politician. Her course is aimed at the political and economic well-being taking into account the interests of different strata of the population and the political parties.


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